Intro to ThatSavvy

Why isn’t this the about page? Because!

I’ve watched tens of thousands of hours of television throughout my lifetime and yours, and I figure, hey! I’m opinionated and sometimes funny! Why don’t I share my opinions with the internet?

So, here we are.

But what exactly will I be reviewing?

I’ve seen plenty of sites out there that involved reviewing every episode of a certain show. So… that’s what I’ll do! For now I’m planning on reviewing Boy Meets World, Glee, and maybe even Degrassi. There’s already a website out there that’s done a lot of Degrassi: The Next Generation, so if I ever get to Degrassi, I may do all the episodes that site skipped, or just review all the episodes myself. Or maybe not because there’s 425 episodes counting Junior High and TNG and holy crap that would be like 213 hours of footage not even counting the movies and I don’t think I could justify spending that much time on something like that. Or maybe I could because I already have half the series on DVD anyway.

So where was I? Oh, yes. Well… Sometimes I’ll also review other random shows I’ve seen. I do watch a lot of other shows, but none of them have really made me want to talk about their strengths and flaws at length.

This is a lovely, jumbled intro page. I apologize. The reviews should be more organized.


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