Boy Meets World – 105, “Killer Bees”

We open once again with a shot of the school.

In Cory’s class, Feeny is handing back some graded test papers. Unsurprisingly, Minkus has the highest grade in the class. Cory got a C. He’s shocked and upset because he actually studied for that test. Mr. Feeny points out one of his errors include labeling part of Europe as “East Germany”. Short history lesson: There was no East Germany in 1993.

Cory points out that the textbook says East Germany exists, and Feeny says the textbook also says Alaska and Hawaii will make fine states some day. I had a Spanish textbook that was like that. I took Spanish class in the mid-to-late 2000s, and our textbook talked about brilliant new inventions like the microwave and videocassette. It was sort of weird, though, because the book was written in the 80s, and the microwave oven was first sold for in-home use in 1955. Basically my point is that Cory’s very dated textbook is completely accurate to school life.

A bit later, we find out Minkus is set to compete in a Geography Bee. Cory, surprisingly, says he’d like to compete in Minkus’ place. This isn’t some drastic new interest in geography Cory has developed through one school day. No, Cory found out that the winner of that Geography Bee gets to be the bat-boy at the opening game of the World Series. I remember later in the episode, the nerds at the bee don’t know what a bat-boy is, and I’m afraid I only have a vague idea of what one is, so I guess that shows you where I stand in the tv stereotypes camp.

Later at the home of the Matthews, Amy asks Eric to babysit Cory and Morgan on Friday. Eric can’t because he’s going to an Aerosmith concert with Heather on Friday. And it turns out Amy and Alan are also going to that concert. Eric is shocked, because his parents are old and can’t possibly know about cool musicians like Aerosmith and Eric Clapton.

Also, throughout the whole scene, Morgan is sorting through the groceries and tossing stuff she doesn’t like into the garbage.

I wish I was clever enough to think of that when I was younger, or think I could get away with it now.

Cory, Shawn, and partly-shaved-head-kid come into the kitchen, holding Minkus hostage.

Minkus tells Amy to call his mother and the gang force him upstairs. Meanwhile, Amy finds the food Morgan threw into the garbage. Morgan tells her the broccoli was just hiding.

Upstairs, Cory, Shawn, and the other kid tell Minkus he’s a loser and needs to change his image, starting with not competing in the geography bee. Minkus agrees, but only if they promise not to aim the ball at Minkus’ head when they play Bombardment. Partly-shaved kid says there’s no point in the game, then.

At school, Minkus tells Feeny he won’t be able to participate in the geography bee, because it won’t fit into his new image. You know, if Cory and all his friends were girls, there probably would’ve been a montage detailing Minkus’ transformation into a new person. By the way, his name is actually Stuart Minkus, and not just Minkus. Or Minkus Minkus.

Cory offers himself as a replacement for the bee,

but Feeny says that Cory has never had any interest in geography and would only serve as a source of humiliation for Feeny. Cory persists and says he’s willing to learn about geography for the tournament, so finally Feeny relents and says he’ll basically coach Cory in geography.

Later in Cory’s yard, Cory is studying with a magnifying glass. Shawn and shaved kid are like “Come on man, I thought we were gonna do something fun!” Cory tell them that the highest and lowest points in the continental U.S. are only 50 miles apart. Shawn throws a ball at his head and he doesn’t look up.

Then Minkus appears.

I just… I don’t…

Anyway the audience cheers. He sort of looks like fruit stripe gum, but whatever.

Feeny comes into the yard, and Minkus tells him he watched “House of Style” on MTV last night. Feeny tells him he thinks western civilization is in its decline. Minkus agrees and then leaves, saying he’s going home to watch “Beavis and Butthead”. The audience cheers.

Seriously, what is up with this audience? Why do they always cheer whenever anyone mentions that show? I don’t think someone saying that they watch a certain tv show should be worthy of cheering, unless it’s some sort of joke itself – like if Tom Selleck had said while he was playing Richard on “Friends” that he was going to watch “Magnum, P.I.”, since he was on that show. Even then that would’ve been a sort of stupid, cheap joke. I just don’t understand why the audience finds “I’m going to watch Beavis and Butthead” worthy of celebration.

Later, Cory and family at are their kitchen table. Cory is being quizzed on various things of a geographical nature. Eric is trying to come up with a band or music artist that people his age likes who weren’t around when his parents were his age. He fails miserably. Eric gives up and says he and Heather will be going to the Aerosmith concert, 64 rows behind his parents, “breathing down [their] necks.”

Later, Cory is waiting onstage for the geography bee to start. Actually, the episode description calls it a geography bee, and I think they called it that at the beginning of the episode, but they’ve mostly been calling it a geography tournament. I guess they’re mostly the same thing in this case. I guess the actual event is calling itself a tournament, so that’s that.

Cory’s all confident, until the tournament actually starts. All the questions are obscure and difficult, and Cory doesn’t end up winning. The girl who does win doesn’t know what a bat-boy is. When Cory explains that a bat-boy hands players bats, she wonders whatever happened to the old prize of a pull-down projector sheet.

Later that night, I think, Eric is describing the concert to Cory. Apparently their parents were dancing in the aisles. That must’ve been embarrassing for whoever was sitting near them. I mean, I guess mostly no one sits during concerts, but I bet there were a lot of people Eric’s age near them who were wondering what this middle-aged couple was doing.

Also we get to see Heather for the first time.

She thought Alan and Amy were actually really cute. Eric says he hasn’t even told them the worst thing yet. The worst thing was this:


I think those outfits would be appropriate for, like, a Wiggles concert, or Peter, Paul, and Mary, or something, but Aerosmith? Yikes.

Eric says that the parents basically ruined his night. He says they had his good time, and they aren’t supposed to have any fun because they’re parents. Alan says something that I can’t remember despite watching it only seconds ago.

At school the next day, we see Minkus has abandoned his “cool” look. Cory tells Feeny that even though he didn’t win and Minkus probably would’ve won, he tried his hardest and did the best he could. Feeny speaks in metaphors and then shows Cory his last geography test. He got an A. Feeny pins his paper on the board with the winning plaques from the last 5 geography tests, because I guess Feeny is just so proud of Cory even if he didn’t win.

Someone in the audience yells “Alright!” when Feeny pins the paper to the board. Sometimes the studio audience for this show is really awesome, even if they cheer a lot for stupid or creepy reasons.

This episode was alright. The subplot with Eric was kind of pointless. Minkus getting a “cool makeover” was also pointless, other than to show us how much of a nerd he really is.


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