More Girl Meets World News~

Cory and Topanga are definitely going to be in it, and it’s confirmed that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel will be reprising their roles! Also, they have a 13-year old daughter named Riley. No further information is available at this time.
I must say, I’m disappointed in the name “Riley”. I hope they change it to something else. It’s not that I hate the name, but I just don’t think it fits. I also sort of have a problem with the name because I know a girl in real life named Riley, and when Degrassi had a character named Riley, I was only getting short episode summaries and couldn’t figure out what gender that Riley was supposed to be. I had the same situation with the Degrassi character Kelly. I thought everyone on the show had become a lesbian for a while.

Anyway, I’m still super excited for this new show and can’t wait to see how it develops further. I know we’re not looking at Boy Meets World but with a girl here. Actually, me bringing up Degrassi before was probably pretty relevant – Degrassi: The Next Generation is sort of like Girl Meets World seems to be shaping up to be – a show with the same spirit and some of the same issues as the original show, but with different ways of handling things, and new issues of its own.

And if you are wondering, I am not dead with the episode reviews. They will return in January at the latest.


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