Search Term Highlights of the Year

Most of the search terms people have used to find this blog are along the lines of things like “topanga lipstick face” or “cory and topanga young”, even things like “feeny meat loaf” and “cory hair curlers”. There’s also an odd number of searches for “morgan puts doll in toaster oven”. But those are all normal ones you’d expect to lead someone to this blog. The other ones…

In no particular order, my favorite search terms that led somehow to my blog:

  • cory matthews broccoli
  • why does boy meets world audience get pumped about beavis and butthead (I asked the same thing in at least a couple entries)
  • keri russell playing a mom weird
  • what word is stephanie told not to say because no one says it anymore in the movie saturday night fever (I have no clues on how this one led here)
  • king george washington (that one at least was a quote)
  • christmas song i’m not really naughty santa little helpers
  • car parked in classroom boy meets world (That’s from the 7th season, I believe)
  • leonard spinelli
  • the batman shaved in head kid
  • monologue first guest bad sketch funny zoo animal steve lawrence (I know that’s from the first episode, but I just like how someone searched for that specific line)
  • savvy grandma
  • a boy filming himself (This is where things get weird)
  • boy exposes himself (See?)
  • cavemen playing poker

Well, that’s it. Most of the other search terms were pretty normal and boring. So, let’s look forward to this year, with more reviews and entries leading to people coming here due to weirder search terms! Happy new year’s, everyone!


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