Ah, the Oscars.

Switching gears from my Boy Meets World recaps, I’m going to talk about the Oscar nominations!

Sort of. See, for the past few years, I’ve made sure to make predictions for who I think will win in each category. I do it for fun, and to see how predictable the academy is. Part of why it’s fun is because I’ve only seen maybe 10 of the movies that got any nomination in the last three years and I barely know anything about any other movie.

I’d understand you skipping the rest of this entry. If you want to read it, then without further ado is my Oscar winner predictions:

Best Picture: Tough call. Lots of good stuff this year. Well, and most every year. Les Miserables is the only nominee I’ve seen here. Musicals have won best picture before, but I’m not sure this will be another one to add the list. My money’s on Lincoln, personally. I know the makeup was good, and I heard a lot of people cried despite pretty much everyone knowing what was going to happen anyway (…well, I cried in Les Mis when I knew what was going to happen, so maybe that’s not a great reason). Well, I don’t know. I can’t really put into writing my reasons why I think Lincoln could win.

Second guesses: Life of Pi

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincoln). Because reasons.

Supporting Actor: Hm… tough one. I’m going with Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained). Because I like the sound of that.

Best Actress: Jessica Chastain (Zero Dark Thirty). Because that movie looks good, I guess. Is it even out yet? I saw a trailer for it when I saw The Hobbit.

Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway (Les Miserables). I cried. Like, really. And the only other time I’ve really cried during a movie was during Toy Story 3 when all my old childhood friends were about to die in a fiery inferno. Also I was super impressed that she did “I Dreamed a Dream” in one take. ONE TAKE.

Best Animated Feature: Here we have the first movie I saw in 2012: Brave. And my money’s on it partly due to the “It’s Pixar” of the thing. Related to that is THE ANIMATION. MY GOODNESS. It was BEAUTIFUL. The other movies nominated, I think all of them were actually good, just judging on the little I know about them (previous year, the animated film nominees weren’t really all good).

I’m putting Wreck-It Ralph as a Second Guess here.

Cinematography: This is one category I always struggle with. I’m putting Lincoln as the winner since I put it as Best Picture winner, but good Second Guesses for Django Unchained and Anna Karenina.

Costume Design: This one is a toughy. Typically with this category, the period piece wins. Unfortunately all of the nominees are period pieces, or fantasy pieces based on periods in the case of Mirror Mirror and possibly the other Snow White movie. I think I’m going with Mirror Mirror, though, because, sure, the other movies had good costumes, but Mirror Mirror had costumes that weren’t entirely based on actual historical costumes. And man, the dresses and stuff in that movie were GORGEOUS.

Directing: Ang Lee (Life of Pi). Because… it should win something.

Documentary Feature: I have heard of zero of these documentaries. Four of them currently have “to be determined” listed as their director. So I’ll just pick the one that has a director listed, because that’s as good a reason as any. “5 Broken Cameras” (Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi)

Short Documentary: Again, I’ve never heard of these. Shame on me. I’ll pick “Mondays at Racine” (Cynthia Wade and Robin Honan), because I like the name.

Editing: I hate this category. I’ll go with Life of Pi (Tim Squyres), because.

Foreign Language Film: I have not seen or heard any of these at all, except for them being nominated for other categories.  I”ll go with “A Royal Affair” (Denmark) because why not.

Makeup and Hairstyling: And here we have the final film I saw in 2012, The Hobbit (along with the second I saw, Les Miserables). The Hobbit had more impressive hairstyling than Les Mis, but the makeup in Les Mis was AMAZING. Everyone was always dirty and bruised and scratches and mottled and gross. Even their teeth. I’ve seen the makeup/hair in Hitchcock and I’m more impressed by Les Mis, really. Also I think they did a better job getting that guy to look like Abraham Lincoln than they did getting that other guy to look like Alfred Hitchcock.

Original Score: Having heard none of the music for the nominees, well… I think Thomas Newman did the music for at least one Pixar film, and then of course there’s John Williams who you make know better as the guy who did the music for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, the first few Harry Potter movies, and many many other iconic themes. But… I’ll just go with “Skyfall” (Thomas Newman) because.

Original Song: First of all, it’s nice that there are 5 nominees again. Last year, there were only 2. Anyway, I’ve only heard two of the nominees (Suddenly and Skyfall) and neither of them impressed me much, so I’ll go with “Pi’s Lullaby” (Life of Pi). Although the guy who wrote the music one of the other nominees did write some great disco music in the 1970s… Hm…

Production Design: We’re getting towards the end of the nominees, where there are more categories where not only have I not seen or heard of the films, I’m also not sure what the category is actually for. I have sort of an idea for what production design is, though. And of course, all the nominees seem to be equally likely candidates. I think they all did a good job producing sets, and adding to existing sets or scenery, to really set the mood for the movie and get the location across. I want to go with Les Miserables, because a lot of times I really felt like I could’ve been there with them during the movie, rather than “wow this movie is so pretty how’d they do that”

Short Film (animated): Paperman (John Kahrs). Hands down. I like 3D animation rendered to look like 2D animation.

Short Film (live action): Death of a Shadow (Dood van een Schaduw) – because I like the name.

Sound Editing: Not sure what this category means. I’m going with Argo.

Sound Mixing: Once again, not sure what this category is. I’m picking Argo again.

Visual Effects: The Hobbit because GOLLUM. You could see the little clear hairs on his nose in some shots. He really looked like a real person, just with giant eyeballs. Also the other effects were pretty good, but GOLLUM.

Adapted Screenplay: Life of Pi. I know that one was a book before. No other reason, really.

Original Screenplay: Amour. Pretty much just because it’s been nominated for like of the other categories.

So, that’s the end. Last year I was right on most of the categories (I mostly failed in the sound and screenplay ones), but last year I was more sure about things. But this is just for fun anyway.


3 thoughts on “Ah, the Oscars.

  1. Damn. The only movie I’ve seen is Brave. Thanks for the BMW reviews, it brings back so many good memories. What a classic and classy sitcom. Funny, sweet, without being maudlin. Those were the days. Let’s not let those days die.

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