Boy Meets World 112 – “Once In Love With Amy”

Aaaand I’m back! Finally! I would’ve been back a little sooner, but the website I use to watch all these episodes was reformatting and all the links were gone, and then it took me a while to get used to the new format once the site went back up.

And by that I mean I’m totally watching all of these episodes in a completely legal manner and not watching episodes as illegally uploaded by other people.

Before I go on, I might as well mention that they’ve cast the actress that’s playing Cory’s and Topanga’s daughter in “Girl Meets World”. She’s pretty cute and sort of looks like Ben and Danielle. I can’t say anything about her acting ability because I’ve never seen anything she’s been in (and she’s only got a small number of film roles anyway).

They’ve also decided to give Cory and Topanga a son, who will be a year or two older than the daughter who’s the main character of the show. The son is supposed to be this show’s version of Eric, and they’re going to cast Riley (the daughter)’s best friend who’s the equivalent of Shawn. I’m hoping they don’t mean the characters are going to be basically the same, though.

I think the pilot is supposed to start filming this month (although with this news that they’re adding an older brother, the filming might get pushed back a little). I still have no idea when the pilot is set to air, especially if the show is supposed to be on the Disney Channel, because Disney Channel shows don’t really follow the typical seasonal set-up of American shows (premiere in fall, short winter break, short spring break, off the air for 3 months over the summer – Disney Channel shows just seem to air whenever they want).

You know, one thing no one is mentioning is that Cory’s younger brother, Joshua, would only be slightly older than Riley. He was born in either the 6th or 7th season, which would make him about 14 by now, if you don’t count the fact that he was 3 years old in the series finale when he should’ve only been a few months old. Either way, he should be in high school or middle school along with Cory and Topanga’s kids.

Well, enough about that. Let’s get on to this episode! Which incidentally is named after a Broadway song originated by Ray Bolger, who you might know as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

We open with Eric on the phone with some girl, apologizing for not calling her or not showing up or something. The girl hangs up on him instead of forgiving him. Eric explains to Cory, who’s eating breakfast, that the big difference between guys and girls is that girls want commitment, and guys just want girls. Cory doesn’t see what the problem with commitment is, and Eric tells him he’s “so 11”.


Then Alan comes in and asks if they’ve seen their mother. Amy is in a tizzy, looking for contracts, because the show remembered she’s a real estate agent. Alan has a rose for her, which he took off Mr. Feeny’s rose bush because it was on his side of the fence. That’s such a common sitcom staple, the “my side of the fence” thing. And having lived in several houses with fences, I can tell you that is entirely truth in television.


Alan is just trying to be lovey-dovey with Amy, but Amy’s too busy with being a mom and working and trying to get Morgan downstairs to eat breakfast to pay attention.

You know, I like that most of the time on this show, the family isn’t all sitting down to eat a fantastic breakfast together. Because that never happens. I’m pretty sure it happens in at least one episode, but it doesn’t happen a lot in real life. Especially because Eric would probably be leaving for school at 7 am while Morgan wouldn’t need to be up until 8 am, if this was the real world.

Judy the babysitter calls and says she has the flu so can’t babysit. Amy doesn’t want to “punk out” on her bowling league so has to add “call back-up sitter” to her list of things to do, but Eric offers to take care of Morgan.


I’m not sure why, if Eric already had an open schedule so that he could babysit, they didn’t just ask him to do it to begin with, but maybe they have a schedule with the babysitter so she’s just always supposed to come by on Tuesday nights or whenever, sort of like hiring the nanny in The Sims 2 and telling her to keep track of your work schedule.

Oh, also, when Amy hugs Eric, Alan is a little put-off that he still hasn’t gotten a hug from Amy. Because I guess with them sleeping in the same bed every night for the last 20 years, he hasn’t gotten enough affection from her yet.

You can tell from the short, slightly random reference to commitment earlier and Alan’s attempts to get even the slightest bit of affection from Amy what this episode is going to be about. It’s sort of nice that they don’t just have an irrelevant cold open at the beginning of the episode and have subtle indications of the rest of the episode’s theme. I guess.

Anyway, Eric takes the rose from Alan to give to the girl who hung up on him before, because guys want girls, and he’s only allowed one girl per episode. Cory tells him he is “so 15” and they leave.

Morgan finally comes downstairs to eat her oatmeal, with everyone in the house gone. And, well, Amy did say her oatmeal was getting cold.

I know from experience that oatmeal does harden into cement after so long.
I know from experience that oatmeal does harden into cement after so long.

After the credits, Feeny is giving the class one of those math questions – “Al washes a car in 6 minutes. Fred washes the same car in 8 minutes. How long will it take Al and Fred to wash the car together?” Cory says the problem is easy and he already has the answer, but Feeny says he cares more about how Cory arrived at the answer than what the actual answer is. I wish it was like that for all tests in school – who cares what the actual answer turns out to be as long as you obviously put work behind it.

Feeny gives up and asks Cory what the answer is, and he and Cory both say “Seven” at the same time. And it turns out, 7 minutes is not correct.


Minkus steps up to enlighten everyone to what the correct answer is: 4 and a half minutes.

Except that ISN’T right either. Feeny tells Minkus he’s wrong, and Minkus sits in a state of shock before leaving for the nurse’s office.

Look at that kid behind Minkus. That kid's getting an Emmy for best supporting actor, I tell you what.
Look at that kid behind Minkus. That kid’s getting an Emmy for best supporting actor, I tell you what.

Then Topanga decides to solve the problem herself, by channeling the guy who first solved this math problems thousands of years ago. Because they had a lot of math problems about guys washing cars in ancient Egypt.


Topanga makes gurgling noises with her head tipped back, while writing the answer, and then Shawn says “Check, please”, which is a reference to the most famous scene in “When Harry Met Sally”. Talk about humor going right over the target audience’s heads.

Feeny checks Topanga’s/Ancient Egyptian Mathematician’s answer, and it turns out to be right. Cory doesn’t believe it and reaches forward to look at the answer, to which Topanga responds by turning around and roaring at him.


Later that evening, Cory and Shawn are trying to figure out the math problem with Barbies, except Shawn still can’t get over Minkus being wrong. They try to think of what’s different between Topanga and Minkus that would explain how she got the answer right but Minkus didn’t.


And speaking of Minkus!


Minkus starts doing that rant that every character always does when they get a question wrong for the first time ever, with an additional rant that every question MUST have an answer. He demands Cory tell him what the answer is, but of course Cory says the answer is 7, in his opinion. Minkus says something about losing short term memory (I can’t remember what he said even though I watched the scene literally 15 seconds ago – talk about short term memory loss) and runs away. Why he went to Cory’s house and not to Feeny’s is a question that disproves Minkus’ theory that every question has an answer.

Eric comes downstairs and makes a joke that since Cory and Shawn have the car all set up, they can just hop in and drive to pick up the pizza. Shawn thanks Cory and/or Eric for inviting him over, because his mom was looking at a “Fun with Liver” cookbook before he came over. Cory is perplexed by this statement, not because he doesn’t understand how there could be an entire cookbook dedicated to liver recipes, but because Shawn’s mom is on the same bowling team as Amy, and they’re supposed to be meeting that night.

But apparently, according to Shawn, the bowling league ended 6 weeks ago, because I guess the bowling season ended.

Amy comes down with her bowling bag, and Cory asks her if she’s about to leave to go bowling with her bowling teammates for the bowling league (plus or minus a few uses of the word “bowling”). Amy says where else would she be going, and goes upstairs to kiss Morgan goodnight.

Shawn still insists that the league ended 6 weeks ago, and Cory decides to prove him wrong by showing him the bowling contents of Amy’s bowling bag that she’s bringing to the bowling lanes to – you get the picture.



It turns out her bag is full of high heels and a sparkly dress instead of a bowling ball. There’s also a card for some swanky club in her bag.

After Amy leaves, putting on an act about how heavy her bowling ball is, the boys discuss things: Amy’s bowling league being on the same night that dad happens to have his manager’s meeting. Alan trying to get some sugar from Amy just that morning and her totally blowing him off. It’s pretty obvious: Amy doesn’t love Alan anymore and is having an affair. Dundundunnn.

Shawn tells them they should follow Amy to the club, so they can have some proof to hand over to their dad who I’m sure will just be totally shocked by this information.

Cory tells Shawn to stay put, order pizza, and watch Morgan, and if he’s killed in this dangerous mission, have Topanga channel the right answer to that math problem to him.


Some time later, Alan comes home to find Shawn playing poker with Morgan. There is an unfunny Full House shoutout. Not even really a reference. Morgan has a full house, Shawn tells her that, and Morgan says “I love those Olsen twins!” Hahaa.


Alan goes upstairs to put Morgan to bed, and Eric and Cory come back. The news isn’t good. Amy was definitely at that club, dancing in her red shoes, with some guy. Neither of them got a good look at the guy, because it was dark and there was lace curtains and plastic grapes hanging all over the place.

The boys argue over how to tell their dad, or even if they SHOULD tell their dad. Shawn wishes them luck, and leaves. Cory can’t handle the pressure and says he can’t keep secrets. Alan finally comes downstairs from putting Morgan to bed. Alan is concerned that Shawn is walking home by himself at 10:15 pm, but Eric reassures him by saying that Shawn only lives two blocks away. Later on we’ll learn that Shawn lives in a trailer park, so it seems really odd that he lives two blocks away from these nice houses with their gigantic front lawns, but I’m no real estate expert.

Alan asks where the two boys were earlier, and Eric, after beating around the bush, says they were at that club [it’s called something that sounds like La Bugia, but I have no idea how to spell it, so that’s why I keep just calling it “club”].


They confess they saw mom dancing there, with another guy, and they’re real sorry. Alan says it looks like he’ll have to talk with their mother, who coincidentally pulls up the driveway right that second. We can see her headlights in the window behind the couch, so following the way the house is set-up, the driveway is on the left side of the house, and is actually perpendicular to it. So they have a gigantic front lawn, but they have to drive up the side, perpendicular to the house, to park. Where is Feeny’s driveway, I wonder?

Alan goes out to confront Amy, and here we learn the shocking truth: The guy Amy was dancing with was actually Alan. I can’t say I’m surprised, and not just because I’ve seen this episode before.


Cory and Eric are spying on their parents from their bedroom window. Eric is really worried because they aren’t yelling, and when there’s no yelling, well, that’s when you’re in real trouble. Cory starts freaking out because he can’t see Amy anymore, and concludes that she must have left Alan and they’ll never see her again.

Amy then comes into their bedroom to have a chat with them.


She lightly confesses that she didn’t go bowling, and that she changed into her dress at a gas station bathroom (which is super gross – gas station bathrooms, I mean), and was dancing at the club with the most wonderful, exciting man she’s ever met: their father.

Cory and Eric are shocked. If Amy was dancing with their father, then who’s Alan?!

Amy of course points out how ridiculous that is, and says Alan IS their father, and then tells them that the manager’s meetings Alan has been going to don’t actually exist. I feel like Eric should’ve known that, as an employee of the same grocery store Alan manages, but I suppose it’s not impossible that he wouldn’t know there aren’t really manager meetings.

Amy explains the reason they’ve been doing this is to add a little spice and excitement to their life. Cory doesn’t quite understand, and he doesn’t approve of what sounds to him like his parents sneaking off to be away from their children. Eric does understand and approve, though. I guess this goes back to the eleven/fifteen thing from earlier in the episode.


The next day, Minkus is furiously trying to figure out the answer to that math problem. Shawn shows up to class… before everyone else, somehow, and claps chalkboard erasers over Minkus’ head. The bell rings and everyone else shows up.

Cory then gives a little speech about Mr. Feeny’s math problem, and he knows the point of it was to get everyone to grow up and think differently, and the reason Topanga got the answer right was because she thinks differently.


Feeny tells them all that it’s a life lesson that sometimes there are no right answers, or no answers at all, and tells Minkus he’s probably wasting his time. Minkus, however, is pretty sure he discovered the secret to time travel, so he doesn’t think it was a waste after all.

Then during the credits, Minkus theorizes that maybe time isn’t a continuum, but a random repetition of moments, and then quantum leaps out.


After a few seconds of silence, he leaps back in and repeats that maybe time isn’t a continuum but a random repetition of moments, and then…

Seriously, he turns into a bubble and floats away.
Seriously, he turns into a bubble and floats away.

After a few more seconds, he comes back and repeats himself again, then decides that’s a stupid theory and erases all his chalkboard math.

On a final note, the actual answer to Mr. Feeny’s math problem is “approximately 3 minutes and 27 seconds.” Here’s an explanation.

EDIT: That link seems to be broken, or at least it was when I checked it last. So I found this instead:

assume the work is 6*8 = 48 units,

then Al works @ 8 units/min
Greg works @ 6 units/min
together they work @ 14 units/min

time needed = 48/14 = 24/7
= 3 3/7 min

“There is no answer” indeed. I guess since Feeny’s a history/social studies teacher of course he got that math problem wrong.

Also this blog is currently the #1 Google result for “feeny math problem” which is awesome. I’m even beating out another blog that reviews Boy Meets World.


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    1. I’m pretty sure you can connect your Twitter account to your blog on here, so it will automatically tweet about new blog posts. I have also seen another blog that had a widget that showed the person’s tweets, but I don’t know if that’s only for people with Premium blogs or whatever.

  2. What if they were washing the same KIND of car. Not washing a car together? Which would be the same answer as the question. Therefore, there is no answer

  3. Later on we’ll learn that Shawn lives in a trailer park, so it seems really odd that he lives two blocks away from these nice houses with their gigantic front lawns, but I’m no real estate expert.

    ^ First season he lived in a house.
    Later seasons retcon/change continuity by stating he’s always lived in a trailer park, and the near to end seasons show he briefly lived in an apartment.

    It’s like Cory and Topanga developing feelings for one another at age 11/6th grade in first 3 seasons, after season 4 (where they’re all explicitly aged by 2 years), they’re said to have been dating by age 2. Oy vey.

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