1000 Views whooo!

I don’t have anything prepared.

I just started this blog for fun back in September, or October, or something.  Actually I think it was earlier.

I started reviewing Boy Meets World in September or something, though. I pretty much just started it for fun, and I’m happy so many people have… well, LOOKED at my blog. I don’t have many followers or any regular commenters or anything, and it seems like half of my views got here just because they were looking for certain pictures, but, still. 1000 views is better than I could’ve hoped for.

I’ll definitely get the next episode up eventually. I’ve just been busy struggling with schoolwork, with not a lot of time to sit down and do a full episode recap. Maybe I’ll do two at once to make up for it, I don’t know. We’ll see!

I guess here’s to 1000 more views, eventually, and hopefully more people enjoying things.

No new news on Girl Meets World, by the way. They said the show was supposed to start production in February, and it’s now the second-to-last week of February, so I feel like SOMEONE should have SOME update of some kind, even if the show hasn’t actually started filming or rehearsals or anything yet. But, alas.


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