And the winners are…

So a month and a half ago I posted my Oscar predictions.

So let’s see how well I did:


My guess – Christoph Waltz, because I liked his name.
Winner – Christoph Waltz for “Django Unchained”


My guess – Brave, because it’s Pixar and the animation was gorgeous, and I was in favor of it due it being the only animated movie I saw last year.
Winner – “Brave”


My guess – Paperman, because I liked the mix of 3D and 2D animation. [I got around to actually watching the short two weeks ago, and it’s FANTASTIC. It’s on Youtube, you should watch it.]
Winner – “Paperman”


My guess – Lincoln, because I picked Lincoln for Best Picture and I always do badly with guessing this category anyway.
Winner – “Life of Pi”

My guess – The Hobbit, because Gollum
Winner – “Life of Pi”. That does make sense that it got Cinematography and Visual Effects together, of course. Maybe not a lot of people voted for The Hobbit because Lord of the Rings already won all this stuff.


My guess – Mirror Mirror, because “the period piece always wins, but they’re all period pieces” and I just thought the dresses in Mirror Mirror were pretty.
Winner – “Anna Karenina”

Best Makeup and Hairstyling
My guessLes Miserables, because of how dirty everyone was all the time, even down to their teeth and cuticles, even though I thought The Hobbit had better hair.
Le Winner – Les Misérables

Best Live Action Short
My guess – Death of a Shadow, because I liked the name
Winner  – Curfew

At this point it’s getting really hard to figure out who the winners are. I’m using websites that I’m just refreshing instead of actually watching the awards show, and none of the websites seem to posting the winners in any particular order. Not in announcement order, not in alphabetical order, just randomly. So I have to read the whole page to figure out if I’m put this category on yet or not. Ugh.

Anyway at this point I’m 4 for 8 in terms of how well my guessing/predictions have gone.

Best Documentary Short
My guess – Mondays at Racine, because I liked the name.
Winner – Inocente

Best Documentary Feature
My guess – 5 Broken Cameras, because it was the only one with a director listed at the time I made my guesses.
Winner – Searching for Sugar Man

Best Foreign Language Film

My guess – A Royal Affair, “because why not”.
Winner – Amour. I heard way more buzz about this movie after I made my predictions, so no complaints here.

Right now I’m 4 for 11. I knew this was going to be a tough year for me. Normally I’m a bit more accurate than this.

Best Sound Mixing
My guess – Argo. I have no idea what this category is, so this was a completely arbitrary guess.
Winner – Les Misérables

Best Sound Editing

My guess – Argo, because I had no idea.
Winners – in a very rare event, a tie: Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty

Best Supporting Actress

My guess – Anne Hathaway, because I cried.
Winner – Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

So now I’m 5 for 14. Last year I think I got something like 18 out of 24 (or it might even have been more than that). I really struggled this year, because I basically hadn’t heard anything about any of these movies, and none of them really stuck out as Academy favorites or anything.

But the night goes on.

Best Film Editing

My guess – Life of Pi, because I had no idea for this one.
Winner – Argo

Best Production Design
My guess – Les Miserables. I thought all the movies did a really good job, though, I mostly went with Les Mis because I had actually seen the whole movie, and I was impressed with the opening scene.
Winner – Lincoln. It’s about time Lincoln started winning stuff, geeze! I’m sure it’ll start dominating once we get to remaining categories, which are all the big ones like best score, leading actor and actress, screenplay, director, and picture.

I’m 5 for 16. This is a terrible night for me. I’m glad I didn’t make any official bets on anything.

Best Original Score

My guess – Skyfall with Thomas Newman because he did the score for a Pixar movie at least one time and I really had no idea because I haven’t heard any music from any of these movies.
Winner – Life of Pi. Life of Pi is really winning at the Oscars, huh?

Best Original Song
My guess –  “Pi’s Lullaby” from Life of Pi, because that’s the only one I bothered to listen to (well, I heard “Suddenly” when I saw Les Mis, but I didn’t think it was that good)
Winner – “Skyfall” from Skyfall.

So I guessed Skyfall when Life of Pi won, and I guessed Life of Pi when Skyfall ended up winning. 😐

Best Adapted Screenplay

My guess – Life of Pi, because I know it was a book and no other reason.
Winner – Argo

Best Original Screenplay

My guess – Amour, because “it’s been nominated for like of the other categories”. I have no idea what I meant by this. There’s clearly a word or two missing from that reasoning.
Winner – Django Unchained

Best Director
My guess – Ang Lee, Life of Pi. I think because I hadn’t pegged it as a winner for much else. Oh how wrong I ended up being in that regard.
Winner – Ang Lee, Life of Pi

So now I’m 6 for 20 and there’s only like 4 categories and about 15 minutes left. I seem to remember the ceremony ending way earlier last year, but I don’t know. My life was happier than so maybe I think everything ended earlier then.

I at least was sure the show ended at 11:30, anyway.

Best Actress

My guess – Jessica Chastain, because I thought Zerk Dark Thirty looked okay. It was the most recent movie trailer I’d seen when I made my predictions, anyway.

Winner – Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook, as tumblr will gladly tell you.

Best Actor

My guess – Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln, because of course.
Winner – Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln. Of course.

So I’m 7 for 23, and the only remaining category is the big one: Best Picture. I’m going to go ahead and guess I was wrong. But this was a really tough year. Most of the movies seemed pretty Oscar-worthy. There wasn’t really any one movie I felt summed up the Academy’s movie preference, like last year with “The Artist”.

My first guess was Lincoln, because there was tons of buzz about it for a while, and my second guess was Life of Pi, for pretty much the same reason.

Best Picture
Winner – Argo

I still have no idea what Argo is about and I’ve seen people poking fun at it.

So all in all, I correctly guessed 7 winners out of 24.

This was a really awful Oscar ceremony for me.

Well, I’m going to bed now that the show is over.


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