Boy Meets World – Season 1

It’s really interesting, looking back at the first season of the show, knowing what’s in store for all the characters. Everyone seemed more, well, normal.Like people who could actually exist. Even Topanga. I was a lot like Topanga when I was younger. Well, I mean I was really weird. I tried to convince everyone I had a Good Twin (I was the Evil Twin), and I had a friend who was a werewolf. Whenever Friday the 13th rolled around I was always like “ah, my lucky day!” So I wasn’t exactly like Topanga, but I think we might’ve been soul sisters in regards to our quirks.

I’m sure I mentioned in a much earlier post that I really like how, even though every episode is about Cory learning some life lesson, it’s not always clear that he’s consciously learned it. In some episodes, he’s obviously understood whatever the lesson was. In some, you get more of a feeling that what he learned is going to stick with him for years, even if he’s not aware he even learned a Very Valuable Lesson.

And all the Lessons are things like “education is important, even if you don’t feel that way now” and “if you’re old enough to start having feelings about people, you’re old enough to understand the consequences that come with it”. Some episodes have less clear morals, but you still get the feeling it’s something you ought to learn. Cory did a heck of a lot of Meeting World this season, and it’s only going to get tougher for him from here.

With that out of the way – Season 2’s recap may be more detailed because there will actually be something to compare it to – we come to the real reason this post exists!


102111040710420 10507 10505 10608 10709 10808 10913 11008 11015 11207 11220

Seriously, he turns into a bubble and floats away.
Remember the Minkus bubble?

11406 11413 11512 11808

12014 12019 12108 12202

Remember those random friends Cory and Shawn had sometimes?

pilot-2 10202 10421 10612

Yeah, neither does the show.

I’m going to give Topanga’s outfits their own post eventually.


In conclusion:




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