Girl Meets World: Officially Filming

They’ve officially started filming the pilot for Girl Meets World.

And everyone stopped by to say hello!

Well, not everyone. Will Friedle (Eric), Rider Strong (Shawn), William Daniels (the great Feeny), and for some reason, Maitland Ward (Rachel, who was one of the most obnoxious characters who thankfully was only in two seasons), dropped by the set. Friedle and Strong stopped by just to hang out and I suppose give the new show their blessing, and I’m assuming that’s why Ward is there too, but… Feeny is in the pilot. No news for what he’s doing in the pilot or if he would be a recurring character if the show gets picked up (which I’m guessing it will, given all the buzz and excitement for the show, unless the pilot really stinks – although that’s never stopped networks before), but… Feeny!

I have to say… everyone looks so old. I mean, obviously it’s been 13 years since Boy Meets World ended, and granted my most recent memories of how they look come from an episode that was filmed 20 years ago, so they SHOULD look older, but… they all look REALLY old. It makes me sad.

There are a couple sneak peek photos of a couple set pieces, and I cannot tell you disappointed I am that the school room set doesn’t look identical to Feeny’s old room set but with updated furniture. For some reason all the desks are still facing the right side of the screen, but… it’s not the same.  It was also disturbing to me that everyone was wearing modern clothes and there wasn’t a full-on 90s plaidstravaganza, but that’s just pulling hairs, I really have no right to complain that these pre-teens in 2013 are not dressed like high school students attending school in 1994.

No word yet on when the show would start airing, if it gets officially picked up (which, again, I’m guessing it will). Disney Channel doesn’t follow the same schedule as other stations (most stations have the fall premiere, a short break in November, about a month-long break December-January, a break in March or April, and then season finale in May). Disney Channel shows pretty much air whenever they want, so the show could conceivably start airing as soon as this summer. But that’s just guesswork on my end, nothing official.

In non-GMW news, I’ve started scheduling all my posts to go up at 5 pm ET on Tuesdays, because I seem to have better viewership on weekdays than on weekends. I’m also planning some non-Boy Meets World review posts soon. I hope they’re not awful.


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