A crush, a little brother, and pudding? Girl Meets World update

Hello, all! Small Girl Meets World update!

They’ve added a younger brother to the Matthew household – 5 year-old August Maturo as Louis Matthews. He joins 13-year old Riley and 14-year old Eliot Matthews. Hopefully he doesn’t go the Morgan route where he spouts cute lines for two seasons, disappears for half a season, and comes back, played by an older actor.

I have to say, major kudos to the casting department on the Matthews children.


They don’t all look identical, but I’d believe they’re all related. It’s sort of hard to tell from just this pictures, but if you look at enough pictures, they all sort of have the same physical essence. Also it looks like Rowan Blanchard and Danielle Fishel have the same nose, and all the boys have the same nose?

At least they aren’t as diverse-looking as Amy, Alan, Eric, Cory, and Morgan Matthews were. Or Reba, Brock, and their children on “Reba.”

Ah, well, in final news, the show takes place in New York. And Topanga runs a “trendy after-school hangout that specializes in pudding”. Because when you think of Topanga – weird, insightful Topanga who went to college to become a lawyer – you think of pudding hangout.

Also, pudding? Are they too good for the tried-and-true “after-school juice bar/burger joint hangout”? Topanga could own it, and take care of legal stuff and ideas for food, but she wouldn’t be working the cash register or anything, and she could always be there trying to get kids to eat vegetables and tofu burgers and try this new granola smoothie, but the kids are like “ew no healthy stuff blech”.

If Shawn was in the show (disclaimer: I do respect Rider Strong’s decision/preference to not appear in the show), he could own the after-school hangout. Maybe he and Topanga went into business together. They both hang out there to dispense advice and get into fights about convincing children to eat certain food.

Ah, well. In another universe.


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