BMW – 306, “This Little Piggy”; November 3, 1995

Just a couple episodes away from one of my favorites. Hopefully I can get to it in less than 3 weeks this time!

Shawn asks Cory if he remembers that old goldfish he (Shawn) used to have. Cory asks if he means the turtle. Long story short, Shawn has a pig now.


Cory thinks this is out of jealousy and loneliness because of all the time Cory has been spending with Topanga lately. I guess all that time has been off-screen, because she’s had like 10 minutes of screentime this season. Shawn answers to the contrary, and Topanga comes over, says the pig is cute, and asks who it belongs to. Shawn says it’s his pig, he found it, and Topanga says the pig needs a proper home, where it can run around and… stuff. Cory tells them to calm down, since it’s just a pig, and they both (er, that is, Shawn and Topanga) shoot him daggers.

Also the pig’s name is Little Cory.

Eric asks Feeny for college advice, and asks him how hard it would be to get into this school called “Yah-leh”. Feeny surmises Eric means Yale, which is easy to get into if you have the money and the brains, of which Eric has neither.


Jeez pigs are adorable when they’re small.

Cory comes over to Shawn’s house with a present for Little Cory. He brought a squirrel bank. Shawn asks why a squirrel instead of a piggy bank, and Cory tells him it’s because he didn’t think an object where you shove metal into a pig’s back would be an appealing gift for an actual pig. I don’t know what a piglet is going to do with a bank anyway. If I was a pig, I’d probably just spend all my money on candy right when I got paid.

Anyway, Topanga disapproves of Shawn keeping a pig inside his apartment, and Turner is displeased with the pig kissing him and pooping on his pillow. Remember in the last review when I said something about how people remember this show as always having such deep, meaningful plot lines?


Eric has bought a bribe for Mr. Feeny to write him a good college recommendation. He’s bought a pair of opera tickets, for Feeny to do whatever he wants with, and Feeny is like “Good, I’ll see you there at 8.” Eric is confused, because he bought those with the intention of Feeny having a good time, without Eric.


Shawn is at Chubbie’s, impressing a bunch of girls. He tells a story/joke about how he walked in with Little Cory, Chubbie says “Hey, who’s the pig you’re with?!” and Little Cory pointed to Shawn! Ha ha ha.

Topanga and Cory walk in. Topanga thought Cory had talked to Shawn about not keeping the pig. Cory suggests maybe it’s a different pig. So Topanga goes over to confront Shawn, pointing out that sure he’s cute now, but he’s going to get bigger. Shawn doesn’t care, referencing a relative of his who is also fat like a pig. Topanga doesn’t like that answer and is all “Well Cory agrees with me, don’t you Cory?” and Shawn’s like “No, Cory thinks I’m right. Right, Cory?” Cory, wishing to avoid displeasing his best friend and his girlfriend, says they’re both right, but ends up agreeing with Topanga, to the rage of Shawn.


The next day (probably), Cory tries to call Shawn, to no avail. His parents ask what the problem is, and Cory talks about the pig and blahblahblah. I’m more interested in being able to read some of what’s on the markerboard next to the phone. The first item reads “Eric goes to opera”. The third says “Cory Shawn [unreadable – sort looks like it says “child”]”. The fourth item seems to say something about Alan, but I can’t tell what the rest of it says or what item #2 says. I wonder if it’s a reference to what’s going on during the episode, or is just supposed to be like a regular “this is what’s going on today/tomorrow” reminder board.

Cory explains that he thought both Topanga and Shawn were right, and Alan and Amy tell him if that’s what he thought, he shouldn’t have taken sides at all.. You can tell Cory’s just holding back from saying “Well that’s sure helpful NOW”.


Cory apologizes to Shawn at lunch, saying he didn’t want all this stuff to happen over a pig. Shawn is all “Yeah, it’s just a pig, to you, to Topanga, to the people who abandoned him at the trailer park.” Cory asks how he knows the pig was abandoned, and Shawn says it’s because the trailer park manager told him the pig’s last owners just drove off and left him. That’s sad enough on its own, people just driving away and leaving their animals with no one to take care of them, but it’s also pretty sad if you remember that’s sort of what happened to Shawn as well.

So Cory agrees to try to get Topanga to understand Shawn’s point of view, and they have Topanga come over to Shawn’s apartment later that night, with the understanding that if she says ANYTHING negative about Little Cory, she’s out. The first thing Topanga says when she comes in is that there’s a light in the hallway that’s out and Shawn might want to tell the building’s superintendent, to which Shawn replies “THAT’S IT! OUT!” Cory then politely points out that Topanga said absolutely nothing about the pig.

Topanga then asks why keeping the pig is such a big deal to Shawn, Cory says something about Shawn being a great father and how he was giving Little Cory a bath just before Topanga came in. They look towards the little bathtub, only to find Little Cory is missing. First Shawn thinks he must’ve turned into broth from sitting in the water too long, but then they realize he must’ve walked out the door that Topanga left open.

Shawn is upset, and blames Topanga, but Topanga says that’s just the kind of thing that happens when a pig lives in a city! Shawn says he’s going to go look for him, and Cory says he’ll stay by the phone in case Little Cory calls. Topanga and Shawn both look at him like this:


Yeah, Shawn thinks Cory’s stupid for expecting a pig to call. Shawn who thought his pig turned into broth from sitting in water for a few minutes.

But the day is saved, because Turner found Little Cory outside, heading towards the rib shack.

There’s about 45 seconds from when we last see Little Cory in the tub to when Turner brings him in. In those 45 seconds, Little Cory climbed out of the tub, onto the kitchen counter, onto the kitchen floor, across the floor, out the door, out of the building – where I assume he would’ve had to go down stairs and open the building’s front door at some point – and into the parking lot, heading in the direction of a rib shack. And more importantly, how did none of the 3 kids see the pig climbing out of the tub or leaving through the door?

Oy, well, Topanga says this is exactly why she called Animal Control, because Shawn is just so irresponsible – even though it’s actually her fault for leaving the door open in the first place. Shawn finds this unacceptable, and leaves to hide Little Cory someplace. This time, regular Cory takes Shawn’s side, saying Topanga had no real right do such a thing. They leave, and Topanga asks Turner, if he hates the pig so much, why does he put up with it, to which Turner says it’s because the pig makes Shawn so happy.

At the opera, Eric is bored.


But he says it’s worth it as long as he gets into Yale. And then of course, Feeny replies there’s no way he can get Eric into a Yale sweatshirt, let alone the actual school. Eric wonders what the point of him being there is in that case, and Feeny talks about how being cultured makes you… better and more interesting, or something. Eric’s like “feh” and turns to leave, but then the orchestra strikes up a familiar tune… Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries”, which Eric recognizes from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoon, “What’s Opera, Doc?”

He's not actually Al Borland.
He’s not actually Al Borland.

Shawn wonders if hiding the pig at Cory’s house is a bit too obvious. Cory says no, hiding it at Old McDonald’s farm would be obvious, and he’s sure Topanga didn’t actually call Animal Control anyway. On cue, an Animal Control officer rings the bell.

Cory and Shawn play it smooth and have Officer Al Borland almost convinced, but Shawn refers to regular Cory as “my little Cory”, and Little Cory the pig comes downstairs. The Animal Control guy is about to leave with the pig, when Topanga runs in. She says she found an ad in the paper for a lost pig, and she called the owners, so the AC guy doesn’t need to take the pig. She asks Shawn “Isn’t that great?”, but of course Shawn doesn’t think it’s so great. Either way, he loses the pig. It doesn’t strike him as at all odd that there’s an ad in the paper for a missing pig that was apparently put there by people who deliberately drove off and abandoned the pig?

Well, it turns out to not be important, because the “owner” of the pig Topanga contacted is Turner, who says he lives on a farm outside the city and the pig belongs to his kid, Zed. Cory and Shawn find that a ridiculous name, even though 1) Topanga’s dad is named Jedediah, and 2) Zedediah is an actual name, especially up in Pennsylvania farming communities. It’s not like the Amish give their kids names like that or anything. But Zed is a weird name to make up on the spot.

So AC guy leaves, and Shawn asks Topanga why she did that, and she says it’s because it’s not her pig, it’s Shawn’s. That’s a really stupid reason, though. I mean, if Shawn had been abusing that pig, or if it had been attacking people or something, she wouldn’t say “Oh I won’t call Animal Control because it’s YOUR pig”. But, whatever. Shawn has a pig now. And we all learned a lesson about… I don’t really know.

During the credits, Eric has fallen in love with opera, and asks Feeny if he can go to other cultured events, like ballet, or the Philharmonic, or whatever, and he doesn’t want to leave the opera. Feeny keeps telling him it’s over, there’s nothing to keep waiting for, and then the fat lady sings.

Uh, yeah, so, it’s probably not actually a good idea to keep a farm pig indoors when you don’t have a backyard, and no one really learned to not put their friend in the middle of arguments, but… Shawn has a pet pig now. Yay.

In other news, with Halloween coming up in a month, I was thinking… Halloween countdown posts? Hopefully it’ll go a bit better than Christmas in July did. My idea is to do reviews for various Halloween and spooky-related tv shows and movies. Probably won’t do one a day, but I’m shooting for at least 3 a week up until Halloween.

Boy Meets World reviews would continue as… well as regular as they are right now.


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