BMW – 308, “Rave On”; November 17, 1995

Ah, yes. This is it. This is the best episode.

Okay no it’s not, but I love it.

Feeny pulls down a banner in the hallway. I can’t imagine why.

*stage whisper* Probably because of the
*stage whisper* Probably because of the “illegal” part.

Cory has no idea what a rave is, and Mr. Feeny basically calls him a square for not knowing. It’s always a good day when Feeny is more hip than Cory. Also apparently Eric is the one throwing the rave. Cory is hurt, because his own brother didn’t tell him about it. Eric didn’t want a little fungus hanging around him and his party, wanted to go out of senior year known as the guy who threw that gnarly wave. But Cory’s like “come onnn” and Eric agrees to let him help throw the rave. That was sure tidy. I’m sure there won’t be any hijinx regarding the rave or the brothers’ relationship.

Later at the house, they’re discussing how the rave plans are coming along. They have a venue set up, that’s pretty much it. The doorbell rings. It’s Topanga’s dad.

Goodness the quality of these screencaps is terrible. I apologize and hope I can get better ones eventually.

If you’ll recall, he makes guitars and other stringed instruments, and is played by Peter Tork, most famous for being from The Monkees. Amy commissioned him to make a custom guitar for Alan, because their 20th anniversary is coming up. Their last anniversary was in a January episode, this is a November episode, but let’s not go into that.

Cory and Eric had no idea their parents’ anniversary was coming up, even though it figured heavily in a previous plotline. But still, that’s pretty realistic that they can’t remember when it is, especially when it randomly changes to being in November.

Amy goes into the kitchen, and Alan and his old bandmate come in, carrying a new bathtub/jacuzzi. This particular old bandmate of Alan’s is played by Mickey Dolenz, who’s most famous for being from The Monkees.

If you'll recall, he was in in that episode with a bunch of other people who aren't famous anymore.
If you’ll recall, he was in in that episode with a bunch of other musicians who aren’t famous anymore.

Cory tells Eric they ought to get their parents a present, but Eric says they spent all their money on the Rave. Cory suggests they cancel it, and Eric tells him there’s no way they can cancel their parents’ anniversary. Haha.

The doorbell rings again. This time it’s some guy Cory doesn’t know. The guy sees some physical features of both Alan and Amy in Cory, calls himself a phrenologist. Amy enters the living room, and the strange man greets her, saying she hasn’t changed a bit. She has no idea who he is, and he introduces himself as “Reg! Reginald Fairfield!” Reg is played by the late Davy Jones, who is perhaps most famous for being from The Monkees.

304HMMM. How curious. Three musicians, all members of a band that they still perform as in an on-again, off-again manner… together, in one episode? Curious.

Apparently Reg knows A&A from their summer backpacking trip through Europe over 20 years ago. Alan told him if he was ever in the States, there’d be a spot on the couch for him, and now he’s cashing in on this invite. I’m impressed he was able to find Alan, 20 years later, without using Facebook.

Eric’s on the phone, still arranging Rave plans, and Amy overhears him. She mistakenly believes that Eric is arranging a surprise party for Alan’s and her anniversary. Uh-oh! And Cory overhears Amy telling Alan what she overheard! Double uh-oh!

Cory tells Eric they have to cancel the rave and somehow put together an anniversary party in 24 hours. Eric finally relents, due to guilt. The next day, Cory is having trouble getting people to show up to this party on such short notice. Reginald Fairfield is at the school, insisting that Feeny invited him for lunch.

Eric had 300 balloons printed up. Normally it takes a few weeks, but he turned on the charm and got them really quickly. Unfortunately, they read “Happy 20th, Amy and Ellen.” Cory tells Eric to get his money back, but Eric basically doesn’t want to bother going back, so Cory says “Fine! I’ll do it! I’ll do it all!” and runs off with the balloons and the food I didn’t mention and the other stuff.

Look at that girl's shirt in the background. Somebody buy that for me.
Look at that girl’s shirt in the background. Somebody buy that for me. Wait, IS that a girl??

Then Eric overhears two girls who are cheesed off that the rave is cancelled. “Typical,” they say. They just want a good, reliable guy who they can trust not to cancel an illegal party for once. Ah, well.

Suddenly it’s time for the party! It turns out Eric un-cancelled the rave, so both the rave and the anniversary party are happening at the same time in the same place! Uh-oh cubed!

Cory tries to fix things, telling Frankie (who Eric hired to be the bouncer) not to let anyone in who isn’t on this list, and he runs in to try to clear out the ravers. It’s too late and things are crazy already – there’s apparently cheerleaders wrestling in chocolate in the kitchen. What.

Remember this episode for next time anyone says Boy Meets World was a very realistic, serious show.
Remember this episode for next time anyone says Boy Meets World was a very realistic, serious show.

Cory says he’ll try to intercept his parents before they come in, tell them the party’s been moved to the restaurant across the street. But it’s too late. The parents are already there, 8 o’clock, on the dot, right on time. Alan’s bandmate Gordy is there as well, and so is Reg, Reg having insisted that Gordy give him a ride.

307Cory tells the ravers the rave has a theme, and the theme is “wedding anniversary,” and to act like the next two people who come down those stairs are celebrating an anniversary. They cut the lights, and two people come down the stairs.

I don't even want to think of there being Feeny/Turner slash fiction out there.
I don’t even want to think of there being Feeny/Turner slash fiction out there.

Of course.

Amy and Alan are stuck upstairs, because Frankie won’t let them in. They aren’t on the list, and when Amy insists the surprise party is for them, Frankie astutely asks “Then how come you know about it?”

Eventually they come in, and Alan asks who exactly all the people at the party are. Eric is like “Come on, dad, don’t you recognize your family?” Alan buys it. Feeny knows what’s really going on, but is pretty cool with it, and promises not to tell as long as the guy with the neon mohawk doesn’t touch him.

Of course, Alan somehow finds out, and he and Amy confront the boys about their thoughtlessness. Eric says he just did it because he wanted one night where he would be remembered. Amy says “So did we,” and leaves, with the audience all going “awwwww.” Alan goes after her, and, well… Honestly I sort of side with the kids here. Yeah, this was really dumb and inconsiderate of them, but at least they tried. Plus, well, Eric has a line earlier about how he doesn’t think they should be expected to remember their parents’ anniversary, since he and Cory weren’t there for the wedding. Look, kids are terrible at remembering things that don’t immediately grant them pleasure. Someone else’s anniversary? Pah. There’s plenty of tv show plots involving guys not remembering their own anniversaries, how do you expect your children to not only remember when your anniversary is, but to plan something beyond making you a card and doing the dishes?

I know that sounds terrible, but that’s just the way things are. You have to remind kids of stuff like this, and guide them to plan stuff for you. Like when it comes to Christmas shopping, you send your kids into a store with a very specific list of stuff to get, they get everything, find you, and you pay while you pretend not to notice all the stuff they bought you, and try to forget it so when you open the presents on Christmas Day, you feel less like you just bought everything for yourself, because you picked it out, told your kid exactly what to get, and then paid for it with your own money.

Well back to the review!

Topanga’s dad shows up, with Alan’s guitar in hand.

What on earth is he wearing, though?
What on earth is he wearing, though?

The audience cheers for some reason. He apologizes for being late, and goes inside to deliver his gift. Cory suddenly has a brilliant idea and runs inside. He finds Gordy. Gordy was apparently the best man at Alan and Amy’s wedding, so Cory asks if he remembers what their wedding song was. It was “My Girl.” Cory says that’s great, they’ll just get the band to play it – oh but Frankie sent the band away, because they weren’t on the list. D’oh.

After Topanga stops hitting Frankie for being so stupid (she’s upset, and she also had a meatball earlier that apparently made her go wacky), her dad says, since the band’s equipment is still there, he’s happy and willing to play. Gordy is like “Eh, yeah, me too.” They hop up on stage, and Topanga’s dad (his name is Jedediah, sorry) asks “How does My Girl go again?” Gordy says he remembers the melody, but is a bit fuzzy on the lyrics. So Reg! Reginald Fairfield! pops out from nowhere and says “Well I suppose if you’re asking me, I wouldn’t mind helping you out!” and hops up on stage.

Hey! Hey! It's The Monkees! Most of them, anyway!

Amy and Alan are about to step out, but Cory stops them, telling them to wait a minute. They aren’t going to, until that classic, familiar bassline starts. And once again, The Monkees are performing on television. Well, except for Mike (who incidentally is my favorite of The Monkees).

They perform “My Girl”, and then “Not Fade Away”, with Reg doing what Davy Jones always did on The Monkees tv show, which is “sing while playing a tambourine or maracas”. Like they just felt he needed something to do with his hands because Peter, Mickey, and Mike all actually played instruments.

So Cory and Eric are happy, their parents are happy, everyone’s happy. Especially this guy:

Whoops, he looks stoned in this cap.

During the credits, Jed, Reg, and Gordy are all like “very nice” and Reg says that Alan told him that Gordy has a house with lots of spare rooms! Gordy, not wanting to be stuck with this crazy British guy, says his house is nothing compared to Jed’s place, which apparently includes a free-standing guest house. Jed tells Reg if he even drives down Jed’s street, he’s a dead man. Hahaha… oooh… well let’s just skirt over that “funny aneurysm” moment, which won’t be easy what with me bringing it up and all. (Seriously, R.I.P. Davy Jones)

312Then that guy from earlier approaches the group. He tells them they’ve got a great sound, and he would know, because he’s actually a band manager. Used to manage this family band, he’s even still got the bus they toured in! He adds that it’d be nice to manage a band that didn’t have a mother in it. He hands one of them his card, and tells them to seriously consider it – they could be bigger than the Beatles! Of course, the three of them don’t think they will be, and that ends the episode.

Shoot, the guy who played Reuben Kincaid is dead, too, isn’t he? This recap got super depressing.

Now, that whole sequence is way funnier if you’ve ever seen The Partridge Family. You might’ve figured that’s what the “family group with a bus they toured in” was referring to. It is. The thing is, the guy playing the manager in this episode? He played the Partridge’s manager, Reuben Kincaid, during the entire run of The Partridge Family.

He’s only credited as “the manager” in the episode, but I’ve decided to declare that Boy Meets World and The Partridge Family officially exist in the same universe, using Reuben Kincaid as a link. Hooray!

So where was Mike? The fourth member of The Monkees, Mike, basically quit The Monkees after their contracts were up or whatever. Although the other three used to do concerts pretty regularly, Mike pretty much never joined them. I think it’s partly because he was so tired of never getting taken seriously as an artist as a Monkee that he just can’t deal with Monkee-ing around anymore. Also his mother invented liquid paper (White-Out and its kin) so he’s been coasting on her millions, or whatever, and doesn’t need to participate in Monkees stuff. So he wasn’t in this episode. Although he was at the taping and participated in some promotion photo-taking and whatnot.

For the record, I think The Monkees tv show was spectacular, and the guys in the band are/were all really talented, and have never received the recognition they deserve.

And now, a fun fact: For some reason this post took 5 months to complete, even though I wrote and screencapped the thing all at the same time. I’ve just been way too lazy and then busy to actually put the caps in the post. Eheh.

Also I got Season 1 of Boy Meets World on DVD for Christmas, so I’m hoping to see if I can get some better-quality screencaps for the first season reviews. No promises, though.


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