Girl Meets World trailer!

There’s a new, and very short, “trailer” for the upcoming Girl Meets World series. It doesn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know – actually it barely says anything – but still, it’s something.  Watch it here.

Two main notes from me: 1) Ben Savage’s nose is very distracting. I wish people would stop getting nose jobs. They rarely look good in the end. I know noses are a sore spot with a lot of people (myself included), but I mean, a lot of people just look terrible after they get their noses worked on, and you can tell they had their noses done, and… ugh. But it’s his body, I guess. He can do what he wants to his face. Or maybe it just grew naturally like that from the perfectly fine stub nose he had before, I don’t know. It’s distracting, is all I’m saying.

…So now 2) I’d been noticing this in some of the promo stills, but it’s really obvious in the video – all the sets are so… saturated. They’re so colorful and bold, it’s really weird. I guess that’s just a Disney Channel thing, because kids can’t watch a show unless it’s FULL OF COLOR or something. I mean it totally works in Riley’s bedroom, because 12 year old girls do have a tendency to want color-saturated bedrooms and clothes. But the living room and the school are like that too. Boy Meets World, everything was like normal-colored. The school was the same sort of brown, grey, and gold that most schools are, the houses people lived in were pretty normal and tame. Even their clothes were relatively calm-colored, for the 90s. But this show is just like COLOR!!! everywhere. [Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but it’s still kind of weird.]

But it looks pretty decent, anyway. Premiere date is still unknown, other than “summer”, which can mean any time from May to September (I’d say probably June or August, though). Still unknown is if you’ll be able to watch the show legally online. It doesn’t seem like you can watch other Disney shows legally online, except for Netflix, but Netflix doesn’t post stuff as it’s currently airing (and also requires a subscription).

One last weird thing about the show: apparently all the episode titles are “Girl Meets [whatever]”. Some of them make some sense, like “Girl Meets Friendship” or “Girl Meets School.” But then there’s “Girl Meets Marissa, Marissa, Missy” and “Girl Meets Farkle’s Choice” and “Girl Meets Home For the Holidays”. What. Fingers crossed they decide to nix that and go the route of Boy Meets World, where most of the episode titles were puns or references, like “I Dream of Feeny” or “The Last Temptation of Cory.” Especially hopeful since nearly half of the episodes listed on imdb don’t have a title at all (they’re just like “#1.19”).


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