New Features!

Yes, hello, there! After some deliberating, I’ve decided to officially add three more review features to this blog.

First we have “Miscellaneous Mondays”. Mondays will be for one-shot reviews of other television shows, movies, perhaps books? This may not be a regular feature.

Next up is “Boy Meets Wednesdays”. The Boy Meets World posts we already have will go up on Wednesdays rather than Tuesdays as I’ve sort of been doing. And yes I am hoping to get back on track with, you know, actually posting them.

Then we have “Thank Glee It’s Friday”. Recaps/reviews of Glee episodes go up on Fridays. I’m starting with season 1. I’m not sure I can get it timed right so I can do reviews of the season 6 episodes as they air, or if I even want to do that anyway.

Last, there’s “Degrassi Weekends” or “Degrassi Domingos” (Domingo being Spanish for Sunday). We’ll be starting the long, long road to recapping every Degrassi episode ever. There’s currently 414 episodes of the show, from Degrassi Junior High to the current Degrassi, and while a lot of the episodes are two-parters that I’ll only post as one episode, that still means, assuming no more episodes are ever made (unlikely), it’ll take over 7 years for every review to go up. So I’m also going to try to post two episodes every week to cut down on the time.

If I ever get my hands on “The Kids of Degrassi Street”, I might add that to the lineup. However, it’s out of continuity with the rest of the Degrassi series (it features the same actors, but all playing different characers), so it’s not a huge deal.

Whenever Girl Meets World starts airing, I’ll see if I can do week-by-week reviews of it as well. That should be fun, to do reviews of a show as it’s airing instead of 20 years later when I’ve already seen the episode six times already. I don’t know when the Girl Meets World reviews would go up, probably a day or two after they initially air (which would probably mean the weekend).

It’ll be fun, having three or four tv shows featuring teenagers dealing with teenage issues all being reviewed on here at the same time. I was already planning a sort of “Glee versus Degrassi” thing to talk about the times the shows cover the same issues, and I can expand on that for whenever Boy Meets World and possibly Girl Meets World also covers the same issues (which is nearly never – like I said before, everyone like to think of Boy Meets World as this show that always covered such serious issues, completely forgetting the time Cory thought he was turning into a werewolf and the time Shawn bought a pig… actually Degrassi has an episode where someone buys a pig, too. Huh.)

So now here’s a question: Do you like the posts that have tons of screenshots, or do you prefer the ones that don’t have as many? I like them with lots of screenshots, but it’s a major pain to take the screenshots and compile them in one post.

And finally, I have a Patreon account now! What is Patreon? It’s a website that allows people to basically pay content creators for their content. So say there’s a certain tv/movie reviewer whose work you really enjoy, then you’d go on there and pledge to donate, say, $1 per post [you’re only paying for posts made AFTER you pledge, by the way]. Here’s some bulleted info:

  • You can donate however much you want per post.
  • You can also set a maximum, so say you want to pay $1 per post but you don’t want to pay more than $10 per month, and the content creator makes like 20 posts in one month, you’d only be charged for the first ten.
  • You cannot do a “one time only” pledge, however you could pledge any amount per post and put that amount as the maximum. So for instance, pledge $10 per post but cap your monthly pledge at $10.
  • You can pay with debit/credit card or PayPal.
  • You can also pledge for one month, and after that month’s charges have been processed, you can edit or completely remove your pledge by visiting the content creator’s Patreon page and clicking “edit your patronage”.
  • You can actually cancel your pledge at any time during the month before your cards are charged, in which case the content creator will receive no money.
  • You will not be charged until the 1st of the month (so if you pledge for May, you won’t be charged until the beginning of June; also I apologize, the site’s FAQ is alternately saying “the end of the month” and “the 1st of the month”).
  • You do not have to be located in the U.S. to pledge or donate money.
  • There is an approximate 4% credit card processing fee and a 5% fee from Patreon taken out of each donation. (So if you pledge $1 for the whole month, the content creator will receive about $0.96. The fee, as far as I can tell, isn’t taken out of your pocket in addition to the $1, it’s basically taken out on the creator’s end).
  • There’s no credit card fee for creator to creator patronage (so if you’re also registered on Patreon as a creator and donated to another creator, then only the 5% Patreon processing fee would be taken out. I don’t know why that is.)

There’s also options like goals and rewards on there. The examples the website gives is if, say, you got $X a month, you would officially remove ads from your website. I couldn’t think of anything like that that would work on this blog. I can’t do much about the ads, if there are any. The only things I could think of was like buying a theme for the blog or upgrading to Pro (can you do that on here?). There’s also buying Boy Meets World DVDs to improve the screenshot quality, but I’d rather use the money to pay for food at this point.

So think of it this way: Your reward is that I won’t starve to death! All right!

Edit: I added a goal tier! So if enough combined pledges from every per post add up to a certain amount, there’ll be certain improvements to the blog. The lowest goal is for me to get enough money to buy the Boy Meets World DVD sets so I can guarantee better screencaps for the later seasons, and then redo the caps of the earlier seasons. Second goal guarantees all four or five days each week will have a post unless something terrible happens on my end. Third is an upgrade to WordPress Premium, and fourth is full-time blogging from me, which may include multiple posts per day, a guarantee that there will be new posts every other day regardless if there’s an emergency on my end (unless I go into a coma or something really tragic like that), and a new show added to the lineup as suggested by you, the readers.
I’m still fiddling with what the goal amounts should actually be. I just changed them so they’d be lower than they were because a goal of $20 a post seemed like a lot just for DVDs (since that would mean I could basically buy two BMW DVD sets with one post).

Anyway, even if you don’t donate, I appreciate the fact that you visit here and read all these posts, and that those of you who are following me thought this blog was good enough to follow.

But of course, I do like money as well, and would be very grateful to receive it. I daresay I would be more inspired to provide more content if I were getting paid for it, rather than just doing it for fun or out of obligation.

The account, again, is here. Even $1 per post would be super helpful. It’s more than I’m getting now, which is $0.


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