Girl Meets World premiere date!

Girl Meets World is premiering its first episode Friday, June 27 at 9:45 p.m Eastern/Pacific time, on the Disney Channel, following some original movie no one cares about.

The show will not air the following week, but will air on its regular time slot Friday, July 11, at 8:30 pm.

You can get a free download of the first episode on iTunes on Friday, June 13, though, and apparently Disney Channel’s going to air a four-hour Boy Meets World marathon on June 15. That’s eight whole episodes. WOW. Remember when Disney Channel used to air the show as its regular line up instead of just airing hours and hours of the same crappy shows and also Phineas and Ferb? (I guess Gravity Falls is good too, but I haven’t seen it).

Also, unfortunately, the theme song of the show is sung by the girls who play Riley Matthews and her best friend. If there’s anything I hate more than stars singing the theme song to their own show, it’s 13-year old stars singing the theme song to their own show. I seem to recall them saying Riley wouldn’t become a pop star on the show, so I was not expecting them to have her actress sing the show’s theme song. Ugh.

Also they’ve named the younger brother “Auggie”. I thought he had a different name before, but I can’t remember what it is. That’s a terrible name. I mean it’s a short version of the actor’s name, which isn’t terrible, but ugh. I wish they’d given the one kid a normal name and the other one was named Plankton or something. Also I wish they’d kept on the older brother. His actor was cute, and it definitely would’ve opened up a lot of potential stories – I mean, one I already mentioned would be “Riley’s best friend develops a crush on her older brother”. Depending on how long the show ended up being on the air for, she could get over the crush, and then a few years later he suddenly develops a crush on her, and maybe they date and it freaks Riley out that her brother and best friend are dating, and then they break up so it’s awkward but they get over it. And Topanga could have a bonding moment with Riley’s friend, explaining how once she fell in love with her friend’s older brother (that one episode she liked Eric, and then Eric fell for her sister who was never mentioned again).

There’s a minute-long trailer for the show, and, um… well the acting’s not great. I don’t want to judge the whole show on just the short clips and the scene they showed a while ago, but… yeesh. Or maybe it’s not the acting, but the writing? I want to stay optimistic, but… yeesh.

Also the trailer gives up a Plaid Count of 6. It’s not the 90s, Girl Meets World, let’s keep the plaid to a minimum, okay?

Well, other than more preview clips of the show, this’ll probably be the last of the news we get before the premiere. I’ll see about downloading the episode on iTunes and give an early review before the official premiere. Fingers crossed it doesn’t end up being terrible!


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