A book?

First up, I changed the blog’s theme. I hope this new one is less terrible.

Always looking for future potential money makers, I was contemplating today, as my post count increases and I randomly get 600 page views from people searching for Arlene Grayson, why not a book?

I mean, many posts ago on fullhousereviewed.com, someone brought up the idea of having the website go into a book format. I guess basically all the episode reviews would just show up in the book? With bonus features?

So I’ve been tossing the idea of doing that myself around, even though I have nowhere near as many readers as fullhousereviewed did while it was still posting new articles. But there’s three main questions:

  1. Who would buy this book?
  2. What content would the book have?
  3. Would it be illegal to publish a book containing screenshots from tv shows?

I have no answer to number 1. Certainly there’s a small market for people looking to buy books that contain episode recaps, particularly if they include “stuff you might have missed”-type things. But… why buy the book when there’s already a website with all the content on it? On a related note, that’s how I feel whenever other blogs announce they’re making a book. I mean there’s some value in having a physical book full of the best pictures from a site, but… why spend $30 when almost all of the content is online for free?

#2 goes off from there – one of the best things to entice people to buy a book based off a website is to include bonus, exclusive content. For most websites this means special posts that they never published on the website. The only thing I can think of in my case would be to post bonus reviews of movies and tv shows that I never put on this website… but that wouldn’t make much sense if I was to, say, do one whole book of Boy Meets World. I mean, what would I do there, include recaps of old interviews? I suppose I could just not review some episodes and say “only available in the book!” but that would be super lame.

And #3, WOULD it be illegal to put screencaps of a show in a book you were selling for profit? The whole “Fair Use” thing gets really fuzzy here. I’m covered on here because I’m using the screencaps for the purpose of education and review. But whenever money is involved, things get tighter. The Patreon thing I think works out because it’s basically donations for writing, rather than people paying specifically for a book full of screencaps in-between some writing.

The one website I looked at earlier basically said it depends, citing specifically if you publish 1 picture from a book that has 1000 pages, you’re probably safe, but if you publish 1 picture from a book that only has one page, you’re probably in trouble. So where do screencaps of tv and movies come in for that? If I put one screencap from a whole episode, is that okay? What if there’s 20 or so from a 45-minute episode? What happens if you just include the DVD cover or something? Or if you use a physical camera to take the screenshot?


So I had begun thinking – if it DOES seem it would be illegal to include all the screencaps in a book, what if I just redrew all the screencaps? If it’s clearly a reproduction that is not trying to completely mimic the original, that would go under parody territory and that’s usually pretty safe (as long as you’re doing it right). And depending on how I go about drawing the screencaps, that could add an extra level of hilarity. That would be a lot of work, though.

In conclusion, I realize I’m getting a bit ahead of myself in planning out a publishing venture for this blog that is so relatively unknown. But I still like to think ahead. In the meantime, if you’d like to give me money, I’ve mentioned the Patreon account enough on some of the other posts. Even $1 per post would be awesome!


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