Movie: In & Out

Man, I did NOT have high hopes for this movie when Netflix suggested it to me because I watched Look Who’s Talking or something.

Here’s the premise: A popular English teacher who’s about to get married in a few days sits down to watch the Oscars with his fiancee, meanwhile his extended family and his students are watching as well. The reason they’re all watching is because one of the teacher’s former students is nominated for Best Actor. The former student played a gay soldier in a movie. He ends up winning, and so thanks the cast and crew, all the real men and women who defend the country every day but aren’t allowed to date, and also his former English teacher who is gay. So the movie deals with the teacher trying to convince everyone he’s not gay and the wedding will go on, meanwhile he appears to be pretty darn gay. Then the school principal says he’s not keen on all the press the school is getting thanks to him, and says he’ll be fired if he doesn’t get married. Also at some point a Catholic priest tells him to have sex with his fiancee before the wedding if he’s so worried about being gay.

Basically it’s about a guy who has never thought of himself as gay, starts fretting about the possibility, and probably learns to accept himself by the end or something, I’m only halfway through the movie at this point.

But it’s funny. Like I said, I wasn’t expecting much. I was expecting this movie to be really dumb and preachy, but it turned out to be pretty funny. It’s not exactly a gut-buster, but it’s great if you want to watch a movie you don’t have to think too hard about but will make you chuckle loudly from time to time.

Plus it’s packed with people who are famous but not particularly popular actors these days: Tom Selleck, Kevin Kline, Bob Newhart, Debbie Reynolds, Wilford “Diabeetus” Brimley, Joan Cusack, and Matt Dillon. I mean no offense, I personally love Bob Newhart, and Tom Selleck’s mustache that is unfortunately absent in this film.

There’s no standout performances in this film, and certainly there’s a reason you’ve never heard of it before. But it’s definitely worth a spot on your Netflix queue (or My List, or whatever it is now) if you’re looking for something simple, cute, mildly funny, and featuring Kevin Kline in a leading role.

By the way, anyone else think Kevin Kline sounds really similar to David Hyde Pierce? They could play brothers in something animated, their voices are so similar.


3 thoughts on “Movie: In & Out

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