Official Girl Meets World theme song revealed

Disney has unveiled the full theme song of Girl Meets World, which I believe is available for purchase on iTunes.

Having last heard that the actresses portraying Riley and her best friend Maya would be singing the theme, I was pretty apprehensive. Disney’s live action singing stars from the past decade or so haven’t exactly been top tier in terms of talent (A+ unintended alliteration).

But it turns out… the theme song’s… not horrible? It’s pretty catchy, and has uplifting inspirational lyrics or something. Certainly the singing’s not Idina Menzel-quality, but I think it’s a lot better than what Disney’s been churning out lately (Lovato, Gomez, and Cyrus can all sound very much like they’re straining hard to fit a whole orange in their mouths while singing sometimes).

There’s no credits sequence revealed with the song, but I don’t imagine it’ll be anything more than showing random clips of the characters doing things – so no wacky 90s clipart.

101 (6)
I had forgotten how hilarious this was.

Apparently the series has a premiere-premiere-premiere tomorrow on various Disney outlets for “verified watchers” or something. I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean or how you end up as one, but I’ll be looking for the show on Youtube and my other sources to see if I can review it a month early.

If not, it’s also supposed to be available (for free?) on iTunes on June 15 or so.

One last thing I have to say is the opening beats of the song sound like they’re from “Call Me Maybe”, which is annoying. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to pretend that song never existed.

Anyway, here’s the theme song.


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