Glee: 104, “Preggers”; Sep 23, 2009

Gee what could this episode possibly be about based on the title?

This was the first episode of Glee I ever saw, so it’s sort of special to me. Also it helps that it’s an AMAZING episode. Makes the contrast between this and all-time ratings low season 5 finale even stranger.

Speaking of which, a lot of people like to defend the later seasons of Glee over-saturating us with Rachel by saying the show was ALWAYS about Rachel. Well let’s recap the first three episodes:

  1. Schue struggles between what’s doing right for his family and his music- and teaching-passion, Emma struggles with having feelings for a married man. Rachel doesn’t have a line of dialogue until about halfway through. It’s Rachel’s fault the whole show started, but she’s definitely a secondary character in the first episode. Schue as the A-plot, Rachel and Finn are tied at C-plots (no B plot??)
  2. Schue again struggles between doing right for his family and his passion for music and teaching. Rachel struggles with being popular. This episode is definitely Rachel-focused after the main character of Schue. Schue A-plot, Rachel B-plot.
  3. Schue struggles between… I don’t even know. Mercedes deals with not wanting to feel alone and gross, and ends up crushing on a gay kid. Schue A plot, Mercedes B plot, Rachel’s more like a D plot.
  4. Okay this is the episode we’re reviewing today. It’s hard to figure out who has the A, B, and C plot, but it seems like most of the focus is on Kurt, secondary on Terri, Finn, Puck, and Quinn, and tertiary on Schue, Sue, and Rachel.

Rachel has undeniably been an important factor in Glee since the beginning, but the Front 13 of Glee’s first season are pretty clearly meant to have Schue as the main character. So no, Rachel wasn’t always the main focus of Glee [as I quoted in the episode 2 review, “Contrary to your beliefs, not everything is all about you.”]

I suppose I should wait until later to get into this more, but I think this is what happened: People got tired of the adult characters on Glee, Ryan Murphy loves Lea Michele so her character got more screentime. Since Rachel then got all the screentime, more people started enjoying her character because NO ONE ELSE EVER GOT A STORYLINE. Or they’d have the B plot in an episode and that would be it for the season. So basically we had no choice other than to like Rachel, so then she got even MORE exposure because everyone liked her, and then because EVEN MORE plots were focused on her at the expense of the other characters, we were left with a bunch of sad, empty background characters, and Rachel, who eventually everyone but a vocal minority grew to hate. It sure is a coincidence that after Glee started focusing EVEN MORE on Rachel in season 5, the show’s ratings started drastically declining (they hadn’t been great in season 5 before, but it was more like treading water as opposed to drowning).

BUT that’s later, we’re still in the good part of the show. Maybe in another year or two when I finally get around to reviewing those episodes, I’ll have calmed down enough so my review won’t just dissolve in a pile of acidic rage. Or maybe I’ll have forgotten how bad it was and the review will be even worse. Ah well, we’ll see.

104_0000_Layer 1

We begin with Kurt, Tina, and Brittany dancing to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. Ah man, I can’t wait for a few years from now when people reminisce about how ridiculous it was that like every person ont he planet did their own parody of that dance.

Also, fun fact, the actress who plays Brittany, Heather Morris, is a professional dancer and was a backup dancer on one of Beyonce’s tours, and was brought on the Glee set specifically to teach everyone how to do the Single Ladies dance. Then they needed a third cheerleader and just decided to bring her on. Also she was a dancer in some episodes of Eli Stone, the show I mentioned last week that Victor Garber/Will’s dad was also on.

Kurt’s dad, Mike O’Malley, turns off the music. He’s home unexpectedly early. He asks Kurt what the heck he’s wearing, and Kurt says it’s a unitard. Guys wear them because they absorb sweat or something. Tina chimes in with “F-f-football!” (did I mention she speaks with a stutter? She’s had like three lines so far), and Brittany says Kurt’s totally on the football team now, in fact he’s the kicker, who is the smallest guy on the field. In addition to being Brittany’s first lines on the show, that is also the extent of my knowledge of football, despite the fact that I was in my high school’s marching band and thus have sat through at least 30 games of football.

Kurt’s dad (Burt) approves, having been on his own high school football team. Then he asks if either of the girls is Kurt’s girlfriend. Kurt slaps Tina’s butt, following with “But I’m not ready to be exclusive yet.” Friendly reminder that Kurt is in fact gay, so he most certainly does not have a girlfriend. Burt says that’s cool and reminds Kurt to get him a ticket to the next game. Kurt panics, since he’s not on the team at all.

104_0001_Layer 2

Here’s something to ponder real quickly – why did Kurt recruit Brittany and Tina to help him with this dance? He’s not friends with either of them. I could see if maybe he was talking to Mercedes about filming himself doing the Single Ladies dance, and Mercedes didn’t want to participate because she was busy or not confident about looking good in a unitard/leotard/whatevertard, and Brittany offered to help out because she’s very nice and friendly like that. But why’s Tina there? Just because they needed another girl and Kurt hates Rachel, Santana, and Quinn at this point?

And why were they doing the dance in the first place?

104_0002_Layer 3

Meanwhile, Terri’s sister Kendra is coaching Terri and Will in Lamaze breathing. We learn at this point that Terri’s supposed to be four months pregnant. WOW. How much time passed exactly between the first episode and this moment? I mean, “Acafellas” definitely implies there’s some real passage of time going on (Terri trying desperately to get pregnant for real, and some other comments suggest it’s been maybe at least two weeks since Acafellas was formed). So does that mean the show is currently taking place in October? That sort of screw up the rest of the Front 13’s timeline.

[Er, sorry, if you’re not familiar with the terminology. Basically, on American television, the Front 13 refers to either the initial number of episodes a network will order before they decide if they want to pay for a full 22 episodes, OR it refers to the first 13 episodes that a season airs before winter hiatus. Then there’s the Back 9, which refers to either the additional purchase of episodes to pad the season out to a full 22, OR the 9 episodes that air following winter hiatus. There are some shows that don’t have 22 episodes and don’t have overly long hiatuses, so the front 13/back 9 isn’t like an all-encompassing industry standard, but it applies to Glee, especially in this case.

To further continue this explanation, Glee got an initial 13 episode order, so the show aired from September to December. It got picked up for a full season, so they spent some time between December and April filming the back 9 episodes. The reason the Front 13 timeline gets confused but not the entire season is because, again, the first 13 episodes end in December. According to the rest of the show’s seasons, the 13th episode would’ve taken place in about November or December. So if it’s already October in the show, that means the next 9 episodes only take place in like two months, which doesn’t make any sense in context of those shows.

According to the later seasons, the Back 9 of this season is already airing messed up – the 14th episode premiered in April and the 22nd in June, but with the timeline in the other seasons, the 22nd episode actually should take place in March.

I have spent an ungodly amount of time discussing this, I apologize.]

Kendra wants to teach Will how to massage gas bubbles out of Terri’s stomach. Terri hurriedly insists that Will make her a sandwich instead. Once Will’s out of the room, Terri starts freaking out at Kendra. Kendra thinks she’s just worried about how tough having the baby will be, and assures her it’s fine as long as she gets an epidural, she’s just making it sound worse than it is so Will feels bad and will do anything Terri asks.

Terri ignores this and asks Kendra if she can keep a secret. Kendra assumes Terri is about to confess the baby is black, which would be a weird thing to automatically assume even if there had been more than one black character on the show so far.

104_0003_Layer 4

No, Terri reveals that she’s not actually pregnant. She goes on to panic about how she’s been lying because Will already has one foot out the door and she doesn’t want to lose him. She also has no idea what she’s going to do when it comes time to give birth to the baby, and decides she’s just gonna tell Will right then what’s going on. Kendra stops her and instead suggests they steal a baby.

I believe I mentioned in her first appearance that Kendra’s a little crazy?

104_0004_Layer 5

It’s lunchtime. Every teacher in the school has the same lunch period, I guess. Schue sits with Emma and Tanaka, to the displeasure of Tanaka. Emma says she was watching the news the night before, and found out there’s a new segment on the news. It’s called Sue’s Corner.

"And that's how Sue 'C's' it."
“And that’s how Sue ‘C’s’ it.”

Sue shows up in the room at that point and says she got the job because she didn’t want to be some loser stuck as a mentally ill (Emma), fat (I forget her actual insult for Tanaka here), perm-getting (Schuester – yeah, I don’t get it either) teacher for the rest of her life.

Sounds like it’s time for Will to reevaluate his life AGAIN. Or maybe not, I don’t know.

104_0006_Layer 7

Rachel’s mad because Schue gave the solo to a West Side Story song to Tina and not to her. Rachel’s felt a deep, personal connection to the role of Maria since she was a one year old, and points out Natalie Wood was a Jew, which is both wrong (Natalie Wood was a Russian Orthodox Christian) and nonsensical (just because you’re Jewish doesn’t mean you get to take on every role every held by a Jewish person, especially since the character of Maria is Catholic anyway).

Rachel then accuses Schue of trying to punish her, just like she did in the other episode when Schue gave the solo to Quinn Fabray. Instead of calling out Rachel on being so selfish and repetitive, he explains that he’s trying to get the glee club kids to come out of their little boxes, and try something new. He does call out Rachel on being pretty rude and insensitive to Tina, who might’ve been happy about getting her first solo.

Rachel’s all “Tina knows how much I respect her, but she also knows that THIS ROLE IS MINE”. No one really reacts and Mercedes questions why she got cast as Jet (not to racially stereotype, but it probably would make more sense to have the black girl playing  Puerto Rican rather than Polish person, but maybe that’s part of the whole “getting out of our boxes” thing). Rachel turns and storms out after this, Tina doesn’t say anything but looks unhappy, and Artie says that the more Rachel storms out, the less impact is has. I like that it’s only the fourth episode and pretty much the entire club is totally fed up with Rachel already. Boy, what would it be like if Rachel’s selfish “me me me” attitude continued on throughout the series despite apparent character growth? Haha, that would be STUPID and only a show that wants to completely tank its rating in a short amount of time would do something so foolish!

104_0007_Layer 8
Who the heck is that one guy? The right guy in the red shirt is Tanaka, but who’s the left guy?

Kurt asks Finn to get him an audition for the football team. Audition was his word, not mine, although I did forget what the actual term is. Trying out? Is that it? Oh, Finn just said it, so I guess so.

Kurt’s trying out for the position of kicker. He wants to use his music, but Finn’s like “what no”, but Kurt’s used to having the music on while he rehearses (again, his word), so he’s doing it. Puck is then all “blah what are you, gay” and “he doesn’t belong here blah”.

Tanaka announces to the team that their previous kicker keeps losing games for them, so he’s been demoted to waterboy, and the next guy who can kick a… field goal? through the… thing… the goal thing will be the team’s kicker. Kurt announces “Hi I’m Kurt Hummel and I’ll be auditioning for the role of kicker.” The other dudes get a chuckle out of that, because it is actually pretty funny, and also they’re all stupid and homophobes and whatever.

Kurt prepares to kick.

104_0008_Layer 9

The boombox, after a few seconds, starts playing “Single Ladies”. Oddly, it just starts randomly in the middle of the song rather than at the beginning. Also Kurt has a boombox in 2009.

He does part of the dance, then kicks the ball.

104_0009_Layer 10 104_0010_Layer 11

Straight through the… goal posts, that’s what it is! Goal posts! Yes!

Er anyway, perfect kick. It’s so amazing that all the guys stop laughing at him, and one guy drops his helmet.

104_0011_Layer 12 104_0012_Layer 13

Tanaka asks if he can do that during a game with 10 gorillas bearing down on him. Kurt says that sounds like fun, and asks if he can have his music at the games. Tanaka says as long as he kicks like that, he can wear a tutu if he wants.

104_0013_Layer 14
Look, it’s one of those actors who appear in everything but you can’t remember his name!

The station manager is delivering fanmail and also hatemail to Sue at school for some reason. It turns out he’s also there because his daughter is concerned about how all the top cheerleaders are defecting to the glee club, and he’s concerned if that keeps happening, there won’t be enough talent in the cheerleading squad and they can’t take Nationals so Sue will be a disappointment and they won’t keep her on the air. I don’t know what the issue is, you’re allowed to have more than one extracurricular activity and still be good at both. And it’s only three cheerleaders anyway.

Firefox, why is cheerleader a word but cheerleading isn’t?

Anyway, Quinn’s pregnant.

104_0014_Layer 15

Finn’s the father, because who else could it be? Finn protests, pointing out they never actually had sex. Quinn reminds him of the previous month, when they were making out in a hot tub and Finn got too turned on and ejaculated even though he was thinking of hitting the mailman again. Finn, showing surprising intelligence, also points out that they were wearing swimsuits. The science here does not seem entirely sound, Finn implies through the words I just wrote that he didn’t actually say. Quinn’s doctor I guess said that the hot tub was at like the perfect temperature for sperm to travel.

104_0015_Layer 16

To be fair, sperm can actually live outside the human body for a period of time. However, it’s INCREDIBLY unlikely that a sperm could travel through swim trunks, swim through hot water, go through a women’s swimsuit, and into the vagina. I think there’s probably a higher chance of shuffling cards and ending up with all the cards arrange by suit, with values lowest to highest (theoretically possible, but come on, that’s never gonna happen). And very hot water can actually kill sperm almost instantly (that’s why if you’re a man trying to get your wife pregnant, they advise you not to take warm baths or sit in hot tubs).  And if the water is treated with chemicals (for instance, pool or hot tub chemicals), then forget it.

I have to agree with what I said earlier (I am agreeing with myself?), the science here is very fishy.

Oh also Quinn isn’t going to get an abortion. It always bugs me whenever a character is unexpectedly pregnant on a show, they always HAVE to mention that they’re having the baby/not getting a you know (they almost never say the word “abortion” on tv). The reason this bugs me is because no on ever gets the freaking abortion anyway, why do they keep bringing it up? I mean it’s not even legal everywhere, so it’s not like it would be ridiculous to not even mention it. I get the reason characters don’t have abortions is because it’s 1) a highly divisive topic and they don’t want to alienate viewers who disagree with abortions, and 2) there’s not much of a storyline if someone finds out they’re pregnant and then has an abortion.

That’s why I like on Degrassi, because abortions are I guess legal in Toronto, when the character decides to have the baby, it doesn’t feel so much like an empty gesture because they have the option to not go through with the pregnancy, whereas on American tv, the writers won’t let the characters have an abortion anyway. Basically it just makes me go “Why do you keep bringing it up if no one’s going to get one anyway?” [Side note: I’ll cover Degrassi’s various pregnancy episodes eventually, but I do like how, particularly in one storyline, the show abortion as DEFINITELY NOT AN EASY THING TO GO THROUGH WITH. The one character keeps freaking out about it, gets judged, gets into a fight, and then the girl who went with her to the appointment starts feeling guilty about helping the first girl go through with the abortion.]

This review is like half tangents.

104_0016_Layer 17


This is apparently Sandy Ryerson’s doll collection, which he started in 1961. Sue is visiting Sandy, for purposes of Evil. Sue offers him the school’s Arts Administration position, which gives him control over art, drama, and yes, glee club. Wait, this school has a drama program?? Why does that never come up again? Oh my god, instead of keeping the show being Sue versus Glee club or Jocks versus Glee club for so long, they should’ve made it Drama Club versus Glee Club. Like the drama kids are all sick of glee getting all the attention, and some of them are super annoyed at how the glee club thinks you can just be all emotional just by singing, with no real acting involved, and some of the glee kids like the idea of being real actors in drama club and some of the drama kids like the idea of singing, so they try to get the clubs together to put on a musical or something but they all hate each other and the drama teacher starts filling Sue’s role in trying to destroy glee club. Crap, why didn’t they do that? That would’ve been better than what they gave us!

Well anyway, Sue has the power to give Sandy this position despite only being a cheerleading coach and despite the fact that Sandy isn’t allowed near children, because she’s blackmailing Figgins.

104_0017_Layer 18

Sandy agrees that glee club needs to be taken down, and Sue’s plan is to steal Rachel away from glee club.

104_0018_Layer 19

Returning director J.J. Abrams. Okay to be fair that's not so much a lens flare as it is just catching the stage lights in a weird way, but still.
Returning director J.J. Abrams. Okay to be fair that’s not so much a lens flare as it is just catching the stage lights in a weird way, but still.

Schue is upset that Sandy is being allowed back in the school, but Figgins is like “come on!” and Schue is like “No, he stole my best singer!”

Rachel explains in flashback she just wanted to go somewhere where she’s appreciated, comparing it to when Schue formed Acafellas. Schue says the difference is, he didn’t do that out of spite. Rachel’s all “I wasn’t trying to spite you, I’m always such a team player blahblah”. I don’t know what Rachel’s been smoking, since she literally just complained about someone getting besides her getting a solo 12 minutes ago.

Rachel tries to get Schue to admit that he actually doesn’t like Rachel very much, but then Schue implies that sometimes he is the ONLY person who likes her. See, I wish I could feel sorry for Rachel, because that is really tough, realizing that nobody likes you, but she never does anything to try to change herself so that other people like her, they just end up liking her because the writers made them.

In present time, Sue says they’re just opening up a new channel for kids to feel good about themselves.

In… flashback again, Rachel tells Schue he’s doing a great job getting the other kids to come out of their shells, and everyone is getting some out of glee club, except her. She likes what he’s doing for Tina, but wonders why he has to hurt her to make Tina feel good. This would be a great Truth Bomb if only Rachel weren’t a selfish little snot. How exactly are you being hurt, Rachel? You didn’t get ONE solo in ONE song that the club is only going to sing ONCE? I get that she loves the song and the role and whatever, so she feels like the part belongs to her, but come on, Rachel.

104_0020_Layer 21

Tina sings “Tonight” from West Side Story. That is indeed a solo song so why did everyone else get parts? Because there’s only Maria and I think Tony in the song. I think Schue mixed up the first Tonight and the “Tonight – Quintet” one where the entire cast sings.

Anyway Tina does terrible on the last note of the song, and loses confidence in herself. Schue encourages her, and points out that she stutters less when she’s confident. But Tina says Schue needs to just give the song to Rachel, because she’s better. Tina is willing to take one for the team.

See, Tina is willing to give up the solo to make Rachel feel better, whereas Rachel is willing to complain and quit because Schue wants Tina to feel better. Feh.

104_0021_Layer 22

Finn reveals to Schue that he got Quinn pregnant. At first, Finn was bummed because he sees guys around town who had kids in high school and they’re all losers, but then he thought maybe he could go to college. But he can’t go without a football scholarship (except you’re poor so you oughtta be able to get some other funding, Finn), and he can’t get a scholarship if the team doesn’t start winning (is that true? That must totally suck for when one high school is undefeated, no one from any of the other schools can get scholarships I guess? I mean it makes sense that obviously if they win a lot, they’re more likely to have scouts pick them out over other players, but still).

Finn then asks Schue to coach the team in dancing, since it worked so well for Kurt. And the more games Schue helps them win, the more the team will respect him. Win/win, I guess?

104_0022_Layer 23

Schue tells Terri about pregnant Quinn. Terri has an idea. Commercial break!

104_0023_Layer 24

Puck thinks dancing is lame. Schue is like “No it’s not, lots of jocks are also performers!” He cites some examples I can’t remember, and Finn helpfully mentions O.J. Simpson. Haha, did you know Kris Jenner (mother of various Kardashians with whom one could keep up) has a music video from the 80s or 90s all about her friends, including O.J.? The video is terrible and hilarious, but also pretty cute. Yeah, she and former husband Kardashian were best friends with O.J. and his wife  Nicole – Kris being better friends with Nicole – and the whole murder thing put a big strain on everyone’s relationship with each other.

Also I have absolutely no idea how I remember her name was Nicole Brown.

On a different tangent, I always hate when guys are like “durr dancing and singing is gay!” Like haven’t they ever heard of all these famous dancers and singers who women just throw themselves at? Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney could’ve filled en entire country with their fangirls back in the day.

So anyway, Tanaka makes the guys go to the choir room to practice dancing.

Ah yeah, work it, Mike Chang!
Ah yeah, work it, Mike Chang!

Tanaka makes them cut practice short because of too much butt slapping (80% true).

104_0025_Layer 26

Finn tells Puck that Quinn is pregnant, and no one questions why the school is still full of so many students even though the school day has presumably ended if football practice is going on. It’s kind of light out to be an early morning practice, if high school football teams even have early morning practices.

104_0026_Layer 27

Puck finds Quinn… the same day? the next day? and asks if she’s sure who the father is, considering he’s best friends with Finn and Finn definitely would’ve told him if he’d had sex, and Quinn told Puck she was a virgin when they did it. WHOA HOLD UP. Quinn and PUCK had sex? Is PUCK the father? THAT’S why the whole hot tub pregnancy story didn’t make any sense earlier! Although knowing Glee, the writers might’ve just thought all that was true. It’s really hard with Glee sometimes to know what’s a character being stupid and what’s the writers being stupid, like Rachel’s earlier comment about Natalie Wood being Jewish. Maybe that was a red herring to make us think some of the facts in the show were wrong so we wouldn’t suspect Quinn’s story. Except I’m pretty sure Natalie Wood’s religious identity isn’t all that well-known, so… I’m stumped.

Quinn doesn’t want Puck to be the baby’s daddy, because he’s a loser. Puck says his dad was a deadbeat, but he’ll try his hardest to do right by Quinn. That’s actually… sweet? Wow. Meanwhile Rachel’s still being totally selfish, probably.

Quinn runs out into the rain, sobbing, hops in her car and OH MY GOD.

104_0027_Layer 28

Jeez, Terri.

Quinn is understandably upset that a strange woman is in her car, talking about babies. Terri says she wants to help and gives Quinn some pre-natal vitamins, so her baby won’t be ugly [Terri’s words, not mine]. Basically Terri wants to buy Quinn’s baby, even though Quinn is only 1 month along and Terri’s 4 months and I feel like Schue would notice his baby being like 3 months late. I don’t know if that’s strictly impossible for a baby to gestate for 12 months. Maybe Terri could lie and say she wasn’t as far along as she thought and was just gaining a lot of weight or something. Or like I said last time, fake a miscarriage.

Ummm football game! Puck says they’re “a big gay team of dancing gays.” One guy is nervous about actually doing the dance in front of all those people. Fat football player from opposing team calls Finn fat, or a hot dog, or something.

Game montage, the team’s doing terrible. Actually, both teams are.

104_0028_Layer 29

I don’t know much about football, but I do know how to read a scoreboard because that’s how we in the marching band figured out how much time was left in the game so we could figure out when we needed to be ready for the halftime show, when to be back in the stands after our break was over, when the game was actually ending and we could go home (the one time I had heat stroke and got to leave early was the highlight of my time in the band). And I know this is an ATROCIOUS score. The other team only has 6 points?? Either both teams are godawful, or McKinley at least has an awesome defense. I mean if this were soccer or hockey that’d be a good score, right? But not football.

104_0029_Layer 30 104_0030_Layer 31

Finn calls a timeout, tries to convince Puck they need to bring Kurt in. Puck doesn’t want to be embarrassed, though. Then fat football player from opposing team insults Puck, saying his mom is so fat her cereal bowl comes with its own lifeguard. Puck’s fed up and says “yeah well I had sex with your mother.” This comes off as regular on-the-field banter, until you remember Puck is into older women and then he continues, “No seriously, I cleaned her pool, and we had sex on your bed. Nice Star Wars sheets.” That gets fat football player to shut up, and then Puck says he’s cool with doing the thing. So they all do the Single Ladies dance, or something, I guess.

104_0031_Layer 32 104_0032_Layer 33

Haha. Then they play football. Yeah. I guess they weren’t ready to bring Kurt in. Now the teams are tied even though there was only like 6 seconds left on the clock when Finn called the timeout and I think their play lasted longer than 6 seconds.

So NOW Kurt goes in to kick. Also the crowd at the football game seems to be entirely people who are 20+ years old, and there’s like 4 high school students there. That’s weird.

Kurt Single Ladies up the kick, McKinley wins!


Celebration! And Puck is jealous that Quinn is kissing Finn, who is her boyfriend even though Puck is the father of her child.

Later, Burt tells Kurt he’s proud of him, and Kurt confesses he’s gay (not quite that abruptly, though). Burt reveals that he already knew Kurt was gay, ever since Kurt was 3 and only asked for a pair of sensible heels for his birthday. Burt, a man’s man, who earlier appeared to assume Kurt had a girlfriend or two, continues:

I guess I’m not totally in love with the idea, but… If that’s who you are, nothing I can do about it. And I love you just as much. Kay?

Ah, if only it were that easy for everyone else to come out to their parents. Oh Burt also asks if Kurt’s sure he’s gay, which is funny.

104_0034_Layer 35

Finn gives Quinn his baby blanket, that his dad bought him the day he was born (the dad who, remember, died at the latest in 1991, making Finn at least 18). Quinn is touched. Puck shows up and makes a sly remark about how he’s been feeling sick lately, must be a virus going around. Quinn agrees, although we haven’t seen any evidence of her being sick at all, unless that vomit that was on the floor and wasn’t Rachel’s in an earlier episode was in fact Quinn’s.

Mike Chang = Asian, Matt Rutherford = silent black man.
Mike Chang = Asian, Matt Rutherford = silent black man.

Puck, Mike Chang, and Matt Rutherford are joining Glee club because they had an awesome time with Kurt teaching them how to dance or whatever. The club officially has 12 members now, and can qualify for competition. Hooray! Don’t get too attached to Matt, he has two lines before they boot him off the show and then never mention him again (“all the original cast will be there!” my foot).

Schue has the club sing “Tonight” from West Side Story, giving the solo to Tina again, disappointing Rachel who is totally a team player okay. Then Rachel quits glee club to star in the school’s production of Cabaret because she’s such a team player.

Oh I almost forgot to do best song/worst song. Ummm well there were only two songs performed by the cast in this episode, “Tonight” sung by Tina and “Taking Chances” sung by Rachel. Tonight wasn’t really long enough or orchestrated enough to fully judge, and I hated Taking Chances. So… Single Ladies wins!

On a related note, I think Glee actually counted at least one of the Single Ladies performances in their list of the first 300 songs done on the show, even though nobody actually sang Single Ladies on the show besides Beyonce. That doesn’t count, man. Maybe I oughtta keep count myself…

Now it’s time for Who did it better?

Degrassi also has many pregnancy storylines and coming-out stories (including one involving a football player who’s worried about the consequences of coming out as a jock). Boy Meets World has like one and a half pregnancy storylines and no coming-out stories. All the stories are so different from each other, though, and I think they’re all handled well enough that I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying any show did it better. So how’s this for a pointless paragraph, eh?



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