Glee: 106, “Vitamin-D”, Oct 7, 2009

It’s hyphenated that way in the DVD case. Speaking of which, the Glee season 1 DVD case is One of those terrible ones where they put all the episode and special feature information inside the cover, so you have to take the discs out of the case in order to see which episode is on which disc. LAME.

Also, before we dive in, I mentioned in the 100th Post that I’m planning on recapping The Glee Project in between Glee seasons 2 and 3, and 3 and 4. I’m thinking they’re going to be more along the lines of highlights rather than a full-on recap, because most of that show just involved people singing and there’s not even that much Reality Show Drama to cover. But I also have a special feature in mind to add to the Glee Project posts.


107_0000_Layer 1

It’s so great seeing Schue actually having the kids rehearse.

But none of the kids are really into rehearsing. Except Rachel probably. Oh wait Rachel’s not there. Or did she join back up again?

Okay apparently she is there.

Schue says in flashback that they’re in really good shape  for Sectionals. They’re only facing two other groups, a school for girls fresh out of juvie, and a school for the deaf. It’s important to note that Schue’s comment has the implication that they’re lucky to only be facing two other schools, but every single other competition on the show has them facing only two other schools.

Sue shows up at that point and says she likes to keep her Cheerios fearful by randomly selecting one every week to kick off the squad. Keeps the remaining ones on their toes. Schue thinks this is a great idea, but sadly funnels this into having a boys vs girls competition for the Glee club, with the added condition that the songs have to be mashups, which is a term that was not widely used until October 7, 2009.

107_0002_Layer 3
I was going to say something about Rachel’s outfit, but what is Quinn doing??

Rachel points out that Schue being a man makes him a biased judge, but Schue says they’ll have an additional, celebrity judge.

Sue writes in her journal about how earlier at cheerleading practice, she saw Quinn Fabray’s knees trembling while in formation. She’s afraid that quiver might cost them Nationals. When Quinn claims it’s because she’s tired from glee rehearsals, Sue resolves to destroy Glee Club… again. Except this time, she’s going directly after Will rather than the club in general.

107_0003_Layer 4

Sue tells Terri that Will seems to be interested in a doe-eyed guidance counselor at school. She suggests an affair might be imminent. Terri, who was already afraid Will was going to leave her, is very worried about this. Sue says there happens to be an opening for school nurse, since the last one is in a coma.

Sue tripped an old lady down the stairs.
Sue tripped an old lady down the stairs.

Terri isn’t a trained nurse, but claims she’s had First Aid training as the Sheets ‘N’ Things manager. And the school is desperate, so she’s in.

Meanwhile, Finn monologues about being tired all the time. He says it’s because football and glee club and worrying about Quinn being pregnant and being attracted to Rachel even though she’s insane (for real, Finn says she freaks him out). I say: Welcome to high school. Oh you’re tired all the time? Boo hoo. So is literally every other student. I know teen fatherhood is tough, but until you’ve suffered through a stress fever so hot you almost had to go to the hospital, I’m afraid I can’t be too sympathetic.

But seriously, a high school student having trouble staying awake during class? Stop the presses, this is a never-before-heard-of phenomenon!

Puck tells Finn he should just go see the school nurse if he’s so tired. Puck says he goes to the nurse and takes a three hour nap every day. He hasn’t taken a math class in two years.

New school nurse Terri gives him some pseudoephedrine tablets, to help perk him up and give him energy. He calls it Vitamin D and gives some to the other guys. They then perform a mashup of It’s My Life and Confessions Pt. II.

107_0005_Layer 6

It’s a pretty great mashup, because the songs make sense together and the boys all sound pretty great, despite the fact that pretty much only Finn and Artie are singing. Mike Chang does some sweet dance moves, though.

The girls, who have all been completely unwilling to work, aside from Rachel, are a little shocked but only Rachel seems to care the boys were any good.

You know, I don’t think Will said they were actually winning a prize for this competition anyway. Also it’s weird that both groups aren’t doing their number on the same day.

107_0006_Layer 7

Rachel talks to Quinn, who hasn’t been showing up to glee rehearsals lately. She tells Quinn that she knows what it’s like to be made fun of and alienated, and in a few months when Quinn’s cheerleading uniform no longer fits, she’ll know what it’s like to. But the glee club will always be there for her, so she should come back and try not to lose the only people who will be her friends in a few months. It’s actually very touching, especially because, as Quinn says, if Rachel was the pregnant one, Quinn would have totally tortured her. Rachel knows that, but still wants Quinn to come back.

Tanaka talks to Terri, and confirms her fear that Emma and Will are into each other. You know, it’s really sad, because Terri keeps acting like a crazy person, but Tanaka and Terri are right. Emma and Will are like emotionally cheating on their partners already, and by the end of the season, Will’s physically cheating, technically.

Terri says the solution is to have Tanaka propose to Emma. Would probably make more sense to just talk to Will about her fears and concerns that he’s been distancing himself from her over the past few months and she’s afraid he’s going to cheat on her.

Kurt tells the girls that the boys all took drugs, because Kurt identifies with the girls and actually tried to join the girl team earlier in the episode, which makes things honestly a bit confusing when later on he protests being called “Lady”. I mean it makes sense that he’d object to being bullied and called names, but it’s weird that he dresses in women’s clothing and his allegiance is with women and Tanaka proposes to Emma. In the staff break room. Have I mentioned his name is Ken Tanaka? Because it is. He got her a cubic zirconia engagement ring because he remembered hos affected she was by the movie Blood Diamond. That’s sweet, actually.

107_0007_Layer 8

The girls do a mashup of Halo and Walkin on Sunshine, which I know better as the favorite song of Fry from Futurama. This mashup doesn’t work as well compositionally as the boys’ mashup. But they all look super cute and dance like crazy people, so that’s something. Plus Rachel wails on the final note, not Mercedes for once, which counts for something.

107_0008_Layer 9

Oh also the “special celebrity guest judge” was just Emma.

Will asks Emma if she’s serious about marrying Tanaka. Emma’s like “Well, do you know of any other options I might have?”, obviously hoping he’d be all like “Yes I love you, run away with me!” Will doesn’t say that, but he does say that marrying someone because you figure he’s your last chance isn’t a great reason. Good point, Will.

Meanwhile, Quinn officially tells Terri she’ll give the baby to her. Terri worries what Finn will think, but Quinn says he’s the reason she’s giving the baby up. He’s already freaking out and she’s only like two months pregnant. Quinn tells Terri she’ll need to pay for baby vitamins and doctor’s visits. Terri says she’ll being paying for the baby for the next 18 years, Quinn can handle paying for it for 7 months.

107_0009_Layer 10

Emma has some conditions for Ken. If they get married, she’d want to keep her last name, and stay living separately, and basically not act married at all. He’s a nice, kind guy, though, and Emma doesn’t want to lose her only chance at marriage or whatever.

Meanwhiler, Rachel and Finn have a chat about drugs. Rachel says the only fair thing to do is disqualify themselves for cheating.

It turns out Figgins knows about the drugs as well. Schue gets angry at her, like how can he trust her with a baby when she’s been acting as a drug dealer to teenagers. Actually he doesn’t say any of that, he just gets mad at Terri for always ruining whatever good thing is going on in his life. What. Okay 1) be more concerned that Terri was basically acting as a drug dealer, you selfish prick, 2) what exactly did Terri ruin here? She started giving the kids pepper-uppers because Finn was so anxious he was having trouble sleeping and couldn’t perform well in school. She was trying to help. By giving children completely legal drugs that they had an option to not take.

Figgins does say there will be consequences for Terri and Schue, but he only says this after Will tells Terri she ruins everything.

God, no wonder Terri’s so crazy. I mean if the emotional cheating weren’t enough, I mean… For real, what the heck has Terri done to Will that has somehow ruined everything good in his life? This is literally the first horrible thing she’s done that the audience and Will know about, and it wasn’t even that horrible. I mean school nurses aren’t supposed to administer anything more serious than Tums without a doctor’s note, but she was just trying to give some tired teenagers a pick-me-up because one of them was having trouble focusing and staying awake. It was the kid’s decisions to agree to take the stuff and perform while doped. This did not ruin anything. And, again, the consequences were only revealed after Will was all “gawd you ruin everything good in my life, Terri!” That’s not an exact quote – he says something about how whenever there’s a spark of good stuff in his life she turns it into a forest fire or puts it out or something – but why would you say that to your pregnant wife??

Look, Terri’s crazy, and she’s really crazy for basically buying a baby off a teenaged student of her husband’s, but I ham like 95% sympathetic to Terri in the Front 13 of this show. Will is a real douche to her.

107_0010_Layer 11

Anyway, Terri’s fired from being school nurse, and Sue is officially appointed glee club co-director. And Rachel won’t take any more pseudoephedrine.

The end.

There were only two songs in this episode, so a “best/worst” thing is kind of pointless here.

Song count: 34 total songs / 26 full-length performances [Mashups are counted as one song each]



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