BMW: 317, “The Pink Flamingo Kid”; February 16, 1996

Trying to get back in the swing of reviewing things. Huuh.

Before we dive in, I’m going to get hugely ahead of myself. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was already thinking of what I’d review once I finished up Boy Meets World and Glee in two years. For right now, I’ve decided, if I still feel like running this blog in two years, I’ll be switching from “teen issue show” to “family sitcom”. For right now I’m planning on doing Roseanne, because any excuse to watch that show again, and Home Improvement because I realized it’s been more than 8 years since I’ve seen more than a couple episodes of that show. And I think both shows are ones that break the mold a bit when it comes to family-set sitcoms – Roseanne being about a family that’s not really as well-off as other sitcom families, and their money issues take up a lot of the episodes, and also it’s pretty neat that both the parents are overweight, as opposed to the usual “fat dad, skinny mom” (or skinny dad, skinny mom), and Home Improvement, while it’s not a HUGE game-changer, I think is interesting because a lot of the show has to the do with the dad’s job while not revolving entirely around it. I don’t know what I’d do for the third show, if anything (Dinosaurs maybe??). Assuming I don’t totally give up after I finish THOSE, I was thinking of then going into Friends, Mad About You, and How I Met Your Mother, for a theme of “young people living in New York who all get increasingly obnoxious and hard to like as the show goes on”.

Of course, assuming I finish the current reviews relatively on schedule, and then go onto review Home Improvement and Roseanne, and after that I STILL want to do unpaid reviews on here, that means I won’t be starting that third set of reviews until 2020, so I might change my mind by then. But I’m also hoping that by putting it off for 6 years, by then Friends and Mad About You will seem funny to me again, and I’ll be able to watch How I Met Your Mother without the bitter taste of hatred towards the series finale in my mouth.

But who knows? I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and none of this would matter.

On a semi-related note, I was wondering, do any of you prefer having a few episodes spaced out through the week (I mean, I guess the Glee and Degrassi reviews aren’t spaced out, they’re three days in a row)? I was thinking of perhaps seriously upping the reviewage and having two Boy Meets World reviews a week, say on Tuesday and Wednesday, two Glee reviews on Thursday and Friday, and then the four Degrassi reviews over the weekend, with Monday still being Miscellaneous Monday.

But I was worried that might be too much reviewing and would put some people off. I’m usually an archive binger – like I put off reading something for a long time then read all 20 updates in one day – so if it were me I probably wouldn’t care much.

All this assuming I get back on track with doing the reviews every week anyway.

Well here’s the review:

317_0000_Layer 1 317_0001_Layer 2 317_0002_Layer 3 317_0003_Layer 4 317_0004_Layer 5 317_0005_Layer 6 317_0006_Layer 7 317_0007_Layer 8 317_0008_Layer 9 317_0009_Layer 10

Cory’s filming everyone for some project or something. Hopefully this doesn’t turn out like the last time where everyone in the school thought he and Topanga had sex in the video editing room.

It’s Shawn’s dad’s birthday and Shawn misses his dad. Turner has the idea to have Cory film Shawn and all of Shawn’s family as a birthday gift or something. I don’t know where they’re going to send it since Shawn’s dad is currently traveling the country looking for Shawn’s mom and doesn’t actually live anywhere.

Eli sees Cory with all this film equipment and thinks he’s going to enter the amateur news contest or whatever. There’s a big prize or something.

317_0001_Layer 2

Eric is helping Feeny clean out all his old junk, at the school, rather than at Feeny’s house. Feeny’s hoping to take the stuff to an appraiser and find out it’s worth a bunch of money. Since this is 1996, the stuff probably is worth money. That’s the unfortuante thing about the recession – everybody needs money, so everybody says “let’s sell all these old trading cards/lamps/paintings”, so the market becomes oversaturated, so even the people who have money don’t spend as much on the stuff since it’s not as rare, and also since no one has any money, no one buys anything, so everything is worth less.

Good for you if you’ve got old Tiffany jewelry, though. You can still get a lot for that stuff.

317_0002_Layer 3

So anyway, Cory and Shawn head to the old Pink Flamingo trailer park, and meet up with Shawn’s extremely tall uncle, Mike.

317_0003_Layer 4

Shawn says the family filming is going wall, but Cory thinks this is crazy because nobody has said anything. Mike has an idea for how to get the Hunters to open up.

317_0004_Layer 5

Shawn’s pleased, because now they’ve talked to everybody. On cue, these guys show up.

317_0005_Layer 6

They’re all “Well well, look who decided to wise up and go back to slumming at the trailer park!” They hover around the camera and Shawn tells them to lay off, they were just filming friends and family. The one guy,Eddie, is all “And you didn’t invite me?!”

317_0006_Layer 7

Meanwhile, Eric, who calls himself Kyle, is cleaning out the attic in the hopes of finding valuables to sell, being inspired by Feeny. Amy tries to tell him Feeny’s got all this stuff from all over the world and they’ve just got junk, but Alan shushes her, encouraging Eric/Kyle to clean out the attic for them.

Later, Cory and Shawn watch the tape. Cory spots Eddie with a stolen computer on the tape. Cory’s excited by this, saying he can enter this in that news contest. Shawn tells him not to, and then he pulls out the tape… er, the actual tape part of the cassette. The ribbon. The cassette ribbon. DVDs are so much easier to describe, sheesh.

317_0007_Layer 8

At school, Cory and Shawn fight about the tape thing. Shawn says he was doing Cory a favor by wrecking the tape. Cory doesn’t think so, then they start like actually physically fighting until Eli and Turner break them up. Feeny, who wasn’t in the scene to see the fight, gives them detention, after which, Cory goes back to the trailer park for some reason, I guess to see if he can catch Eddie in action again. He could probably at least call the cops with an anonymous tip, since whatever Shawn feels, that Eddie guy is still stealing.

Feeny gives Shawn a talk that ends with “you don’t have to be blood to be family.” You know, that’s what that “blood is thicker than water” proverb supposedly actually means – it’s “the blood of the covenant” or bonds forged by battles/organizations/whatever is thicker than the water of the womb, so that family ties are supposed to mean less than the bonds of friendship. I actually like that better – like if you were Hitler’s sister, and you had the choice between choosing Hitler or your best friend, would you choose Hitler just because he was your family even though he caused all these terrible things to happen to all these people, or would you choose your best friend because you’ve been through everything with them?

I’m not saying you should throw your family in front of a bus to save your friend, but…

Amy finally tells Eric all that stuff is junk. Eric doesn’t think so. It also turns out that it cost $60 to get all the stuff appraised. Considering how much stuff Eric was actually going to take to get appraised, that’s actually not a terrible price. Some of the stuff he had was probably worth at least $30.

Meanwhile at the trailer park, Cory’s being super stealthy, filming Eddie and the others, except not.

317_0008_Layer 9

Eddie takes the camera and smashes it, then throws Cory to the ground. He does the classic supervillain thing of just saying stuff to Cory rather than actually beating him up. He seriously spends at least one whole minute just talking about how he’s going to beat up Cory rather than actually beating him up.

But Shawn swings in and says he’ll call the cops on Eddie. Eddie’s all “You’d do that to your own brother?” Dramatic music doesn’t play, but Shawn does say he would call the cops. Eddie’s all “fine” and he and his posse leave.

It turns out Eddie and Shawn are half-brothers, and that’s why Shawn didn’t want Cory to turn in the tape. He apologizes for Eddie breaking the camera, but Cory still has the tape intact, so it’s fine.

Shawn encourages Cory to enter the tape in the news contest, but Cory’s confused – what about protecting family? Shawn says he already did that, I guess because Cory’s family. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shawn and Eric are half-brothers, actually. They have the same hair.

317_0009_Layer 10

Speaking of Eric, over the credits, Alan and Amy tell Eric they’re going to pay him $60 as thanks for cleaning out the attic or the basement or whichever. Alan needs change… for some reason (does he only have fifties in his wallet? What does he need change for??). Eric offers to give him some, but can’t, because he only has hundred dollar bills.

Turns out there was an old wooden mask in the one box and the appraisers gave him $4000 for it.

But it turns out that mask was in a box that Feeny was asking them to store for him because I guess he didn’t have room for it in the gigantic house that he lives in by himself, so that money’s all Feeny’s. That’s sad.

Oh the next episode is a heavy one, too. Blegh.

Hey remember how Shawn had a sister? Her name was Stacey and called Shawn an idiot for not reading the label on the hair-straightening thing. And now he has a brother we’ll never see or hear from again. On one of the episode commentaries on the first season dvd, Ryder Strong makes fun of this very thing.


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