Girl Meets World – Second Season

Yes, Girl Meets World has officially been picked up for a second season! I can’t say I’m surprised. The show has been pulling in really good ratings, especially for a specialty cable network (actually it’s pulling in better ratings than a lot of network shows *cough*Glee*cough*)

I was actually going to say something in the next GMW post speculating if it would get picked up for another season, but now I don’t have to.

I’m wagering unless the show starts doing really poorly it’ll probably get at least a third season, with enough episodes to bump it up to 65 episodes. Typically Disney likes to order 65 episodes of a show, and in fact had a habit of cancelling shows once they reached 65 episodes (although they don’t seem to have been doing that lately). It has something to do with rerunning shows in syndication, but with that and the fact that the show isn’t terrible I’d say it’ll get at least a third season.

It remains anyone’s guess how long this show will air. There’s plenty of room for improvement on this show (in fact pretty much everything about the show needs work), but there’s plenty of room for it to grow into something really special. But, again, this is the Disney Channel, so it’s not entirely a matter of if the show pulls in enough ratings. I think because they don’t rely on advertisers to fund the shows, it comes down to what the executives feel like. I mean, obviously, if the show is doing REALLY well they still have a good incentive to keep the show on the air.

Whatever the case, my fingers are crossed that this renewal will invite the writers to, erm… improve? It’s not that the show is bad, it’s just… weird, basically. I don’t know, the show just always seems to be in a rush about its messages at the expense of it making any sense.

Oh well. I’ll keep watching and recapping it unless it gets so awful that it starts giving me an upset stomach. For real, at least a couple episodes of Glee actually gave me an upset stomach because I hated them THAT much. So let’s just hope Girl Meets World doesn’t get that awful.


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