BMW: 322 – Brother Brother; May 17, 1996

Well I come back after a really long hiatus to bring you… the season finale!

When we last left Boy Meets World, Cory stalked Topanga in Disney World, and they got back together after learning about a lonely dolphin.

So now it’s the end of the school year. Eric’s cleaning out his locker, when Turner and Eli show up. As a sort of graduation present, they’re giving Eric back all of his confiscated items.

Like his giant underpants:

GMW322_0000_Layer 1

And his Mr. Feeny puppet.

GMW322_0001_Layer 2

That thing is adorable.

Feeny, the real Feeny, shows up and asks “What are you doing with this ridiculous thing?” Eric explains it’s just a puppet, but Feeny clarifies he was actually talking to the puppet.

Feeny asks Eric about his summer/college plans. Eric’s still waiting to hear from his last school, and is planning on driving to all 50 states over the summer. When Feeny asks how he’s planning on driving to Hawaii, Eric explains he’ll keep going straight til people start talking Chinese, then make a u-turn. You wanna know something weird, I’ve seen more Hawaii license plates than I’ve seen of most other states, despite never having been in Hawaii. I understand they have car ferries that go to and from Hawaii, but I’ve seen Hawaii plates on the EAST coast. Weird.

We pan over to Cory and Topanga. They’re excited to be back together, but Topanga’s leaving soon to go to an all-girl summer camp, and so the two of them won’t be together for much longer. Cory pretends to be happy for Topanga, but after she leaves, he reveals that he is sad.

So Mr. Feeny offers to give him some history homework to cheer him up.

GMW322_0002_Layer 3


Eric’s sorry that Topanga’s going to be gone for a long time, but it has nothing to do with him. Eric’s only got one week left at home, and wants the two of them to make it count, “just like old times.” He walks off, and Cory is left to wonder to himself, “What old times?”

GMW322_0003_Layer 4

It turns out Shawn is also going to be gone for 2 months, traveling with his dad to find his mom.

Cory announces to his family that his plan for the summer is to get a job selling American flags outside the Olympic village in Atlanta. His parents say no to this, of course, so Cory says he now has no plans for the summer.

Eric’s about to map out his cross-country journey for the family, so they invite Cory to sit and listen, but Cory’s not interested. Cory and Eric get into an argument, Eric basically calling Cory boring, and Cory saying that Eric always leaves whenever something or someone good comes along, too busy to give Cory a ride to school or whatever.

GMW322_0004_Layer 5

His parents, feasting on popcorn made of Styrofoam, tell Cory to cheer up, the summer won’t be that bad! Thanks, parents.

Cory goes upstairs,w here Eric’s packing up. Cory complains about the mess that’s been left on his bed.

GMW322_0005_Layer 6

Eric tells Cory he’s lucky, he’ll have the whole room to himself in just a week, and Cory’s all “I already had the room all to myself!” The gist is, Cory feels like they’ve never bonded as brothers. I just saved you like 2 minutes of dialogue.

Then they start wrestling. Alan and Amy are just in time to break up the fight. Amy tries to have them get along, saying it’s their last week together! Eric says he’s sick of this, and is going to leave tomorrow.

Where’s he gonna go? He has no job. He hasn’t been accepted to college yet, and even if he was, the dorms wouldn’t be open to him yet. Which brings me to another complaint: He’s packing up ALL his stuff. I hate when fictional characters do that. I definitely didn’t have enough room in my dorm for even half of my stuff from home. And I still had to come home for winter and summer break, so it didn’t make sense to pack up EVERYTHING. Even for the kids who get apartments while they’re in college, why wouldn’t you leave some of your stuff at your parents’ house? Until you have a real job and a more comfortable living arrangement? Why pack up EVERYTHING from your childhood home, the week you graduate from high school?

I mean, luckily for Eric, all that’s in his part of the room is some CDs and a jersey or something.

Anyway, Amy tries to encourage Eric to stay by revealing they had this big going-away dinner planned for him. He says he’ll stay an extra day if they can move the dinner to tomorrow. Alan says they’ll think about it, and in the meantime Eric can figure out what’s bothering Cory. Eric says he’s shared a room with Cory for 15 years and he has no idea. Alan says that’s probably part of the problem. OOOOOH.

GMW322_0006_Layer 7

They have Eric’s going away dinner at Chubbie’s. They invited Feeny, Eli, Turner, Shawn, and Topanga. Why, is anyone’s guess.

But Feeny has some words of wisdom for Eric, as well as his framed high school diploma. Alan asks Cory if he has anything to say, but Cory doesn’t.

Eric holds his diploma proudly, saying that it’s a symbol of his intelligence, and belongs just as much to everyone else in the room, as it “belongs to I.” “Me,” Feeny corrects him. “I included you,” replies Eric.

Then Cory gets up to give a speech. “To my brother Eric, who’s moving out. And not just for four years, but probably forever. And I don’t even know him. And now I never will. 15 years, Eric. 15 years. Goodbye. I hope you have a nice life, I really do. Sorry, everyone,” and he leaves.

GMW322_0007_Layer 8

Eric’s preparing to leave. Alan tells him that Cory slept on the couch last night, out of embarrassment. Despite the awkwardness, Eric goes to find him to say goodbye. But he’s not there. Amy figures he went to the park to say goodbye to Topanga.

Eric and the parents talk about how it’s always been kind of weird – Eric’s the older brother, always with the girlfriends and whatnot. Eric says that’s not his fault that he was older, and they point out that it’s not Cory’s fault that he was the younger one. The 3 year age difference was a lot when they were in school, but maybe now they can try to be friendlier, especially since Cory’s two friends will be gone for the whole summer… and they didn’t mention it, but Eric doesn’t appear to have friends at all.

Morgan comes downstairs to give Eric her old teddy bear. Aww. Then there’s a tearful goodbye between all four of them, and Eric finally leaves.

Out the front door. Even though the garage is on the side of the house.

GMW322_0008_Layer 9

Topanga’s not sure she wants to go to camp. She wonders if she’s maybe getting too old for camp, since last year, she couldn’t wait to go, and now she just wants to stay with Cory. Shawn shows up to say goodbye, and Topanga’s bus to camp arrives. So she and Shawn say goodbye, before they leave on their respective adventures. Cory’s left alone and sad with a basketball and a lady feeding pigeons.

Cory plays basketball by himself, throwing the ball, only for Eric to catch it.

GMW322_0009_Layer 10

Cory apologizes for the way he’s been acting. He was just starting to get to know Eric, as a friend, so he’s pretty bummed, and he says that’s why he’s been acting out weird. He also reveals that he took Eric’s letter from his last school out of the mail. It’s a thin envelope, which doesn’t usually mean anything on tv shows, but in real life, means it was a rejection – because an acceptance letter comes with a school catalogue.

So now Eric’s bummed, since every school has no rejected him. He admits he was at fault, though, having slacked off for almost all of his time in high school. Cory tries to reassure, tell him to just apply to more schools. Eric’s all “sure, whatever” and then… invites Cory to go on his road trip with him!


GMW322_0010_Layer 11

During the credits, Eric talks about their road trip schedule some. Feeny tells them to be sure to stay a while in Boston. Cory assumes he means visiting the bar from Cheers, but Feeny of course means all the historical sites. Alan reminds Eric that they’re supposed to be looking at colleges, and as Eric heads out the door he says, “yeah, sure, Memphis State, Ball State, Uhhh State…”

In the back yard, Cory’s a little miffed. He doesn’t want to spend his whole summer looking at colleges. He’s only 15, he wants fun stuff to do. Eric tells him not to worry, and shows him his REAL list of landmarks to visit – it’s all a list of famous beach locations, such as those typical visited by Spring Breakers. The boys celebrate, and head off into next season.

GMW322_0011_Layer 12

This episode was… okay. Of course we’ve seen before that Eric and Cory aren’t best friends, that’s reasonable. And I liked that, even though Cory’s reactions in the first part of the episode seemed uncharacteristically over the top, it got toned down as the episode went on, with him explaining why he was upset. Because, that kind of stuff happens! You just suddenly ramp up to being WAY upset about something you didn’t even realize was bothering you that much.

I think this episode could’ve been better, like maybe if there’d been more of a build-up to it.  But, still, it works. After all, in the last episode, we had Eric going out of his way to cover for Cory while he was in Florida. I think that kind of stuff is what Cory meant when he said he was just getting to like Eric as a friend and not just a brother.

Anyway, that was season 3. Season 4’s got a whole host of really wacky episodes, and like four serious ones. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take me 8 months to start season 4! *sob*


2 thoughts on “BMW: 322 – Brother Brother; May 17, 1996

  1. Cory, Shawn and Topanga are 15 here, but still in eighth grade or so?
    Their grades are never mentioned in this season, but last season, seventh grade, and in this season, Cory refers to the events of seventh grade as “last year”, so naturally, eighth grade, but season 4, returning from the road trip, Cory, Shawn and Topanga are now in the 11th grade.

    Weird. Then again, it’s Boy Meets World.

    1. I think maybe when Morgan came back from time-out as an 8 year old instead of a 5 year old, that must’ve screwed up the space-time continuum in the Boy Meets World universe and that’s why the characters’ ages just randomly change, along with weird little stuff like Cory and Topanga’s history together changing, and Shawn and Topanga both losing a sister (and Shawn loses a brother, but gains a different brother later on). There’s also Joshua Matthews in the later seasons who ages like 3 years over one season, too.

      Must be something in the water!

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