GMW: 112, “Girl Meets the Forgotten”; Oct 10, 2014

Aw man the imdb credits say August Maturo is “credits only” in this episode. Please let that be true. I just don’t understand how there are people who AREN’T annoyed by his character. I know he’s young, and little kids aren’t the best actors, except for all the ones that actually were like Elijah Wood and Haley Joel Osment and Anna Paquin and Tatum O’Neal, for instance, but the character is just so awful.

Also this entry might be a little short on screencaps. The last Windows update seriously screwed up everything on my computer – I mean, literally everything runs really slowly now, so taking a screencap, pausing the video, pasting the screencap in, and then writing is taking longer than normal. I should do another system restore. I did one yesterday, so of course when I went to turn my computer off it just installed all the windows updates that made me do the system restore to get rid of them in the first place.


Riley’s upset with Topanga for not waking Riley up earlier. Today is “electives day”, and the earlier they get to school, the better chance they’ll have of getting a good elective.

She specifies that they’re service electives, and that in addition to going to school, now they’re meant to have jobs. Riley thinks the idea of working AND going to school is preposterous. I think the idea of a 7th grader doing so is a little ridiculous, definitely.

Cory butts in to be all sarcastic, because he works and goes to school. It’s not really the same thing when your job is as a teacher, though. Like, not even remotely the same thing. Also I still don’t understand why Riley leaves for school before Cory does. Teachers generally have to be at school earlier than the students.

Uh also Topanga worked two part-time jobs while she was going to law school.

112_0000_Layer 1

Cory asks who in the class knows about the Great Depression. Riley replies, “I thought it was called the Grand Canyon.” Oh boy I missed ridiculously stupid Riley. And yet, Maya’s the one who’s not confident in her own intelligence.

Cory asks Maya if she can tell him about the Depression, and she references Riley’s reply, saying “Nothing’s gonna top that, sir.” Farkle, the only person on the show who seems to care about the core curriculum, tells about it instead. He ends on mentioning The Forgotten, which Cory expands on. The Forgotten were people who were basically really screwed over by the Great Depression, and got thrown aside and forgotten after they were used. Also Farkle has a really sweet dinosaur sweater on.

112_0001_Layer 2

Lucas asks “How could that happen, sir?” Cory doesn’t know. Riley then asks, “But that kind of thing doesn’t happen in the Grand Canyon today, does it?” That was actually funny, good job.

Cory asks Riley if there’s anyone in her own life that she’s taken for granted. Riley’s like ‘Of course! Maya, I’m sorry for taking you for granted. Thanks, dad. For once I actually understand one of your lessons.’

I think Cory probably was referencing Topanga, but he, like me, can no longer stand Riley’s stupidity and begs the bell to ring. It doesn’t, even though it always seems to ring even though the class has only been about two minutes long, so Cory mimics the bell ringing and he leaves the classroom in the middle of class for once.

112_0002_Layer 3

At lunch, Riley and Maya discuss electives. Maya doesn’t know why they’re called electives if they’re required, and Riley also dislikes this misleading naming. Shop class was not what she was expecting, she says.

They get into the lunch line, and the lunch lady heaps something onto Riley’s tray. Maya says she doesn’t want the blob, but she gets some anyway, even though she says it’s flavorless and textureless. I mean, it looks and sounds like it’s mashed potatoes, probably some of the powdered mix stuff. You have to put in a lot of butter, pepper, and garlic powder for it to taste like anything.

The lunch lady says she made the blog herself. She calls it “Tuesday.” “But it’s Thursday,” says Riley. Do cafeteria workers at public schools actually make the food themselves? I was under the impression that there’s actually a company that ships them the stuff, and the cafeteria workers are just in charge of heating it up and evenly distributing it. That’s why school lunches are usually so gross – because the food is really cheap to make and for the schools to buy, and it’s basically just like reheated leftovers most of the time.

Anyway I’m sure we’re all betting that Riley and Maya will get lunch duty as an elective now. And I don’t say that just because it says so in the episode description.

112_0003_Layer 4

Cory is in line, buying the school lunch as well. He gets some blob/Tuesday, which is turns out IS mashed potatoes. Man I’m really good at guessing sometimes.

Farkle and Lucas are building a mashed potato volcano. Maya makes it erupt gravy.

112_0004_Layer 5I mean it had gravy in it alreayd, Maya just caused it to erupt.

Then the bell rings, signaling the end of lunch. Riley, Maya, and Cory literally JUST got their lunches. I know sometimes in my high school we’d have problems where kids would only get like 5 minutes to eat because the lines were so long, but there’s like 15 kids in this cafeteria. Did they only give these kids 10 minutes for lunch?

The four get up to leave, so Cory runs over. He makes a very good point that it’s not right for them to just leave that huge mess. He calls over Jerrilyn, the lunchlady, and Janitor Harley. He asks Jerrilyn if she feels bad when the kids don’t eat all the food, and she says, angrily, “Bad!” He then asks Janitor Harley if he feels bad when the kids leave this huge mess for him to clean up. Harley responds that he actually feels like he deserves it, because he’s got a lot of different issues.

112_0005_Layer 6

So, uh, that’s actually Harley Keiner, the school bully from Boy Meets World. It feels more than a little contrived that he and Cory are both working at the same school, in the same city where another classmate from an entirely different state also lives. What’s worse is I’m pretty sure there’s another BMW character also working in the school (not Feeny, maybe) but they’re in season 2 and I want to be surprised.

Anyway this is Harley’s actor’s first acting role since Boy Meets World.

Cory tells the kids they’re disrespectful for leaving a mess like that. Maya protests that it’s not just them who does it, and Cory says he knows, but they’re the good ones. Cory decides to just go ahead and assign them their electives – the girls are on cafeteria duty, the boys on janitorial. *sad trombone noise*

112_0006_Layer 7

Riley and Maya say the other one is the cutest ever in their uniforms. Jerrilyn asks “What about me?” Riley slowly reaches over to adjust her hairnet, and Riley’s actress you can tell is just barely keeping from laughing. She finally reaches the hairnet, and says “Actually these are being worn farther up the head this season.”

Jerrilyn gives them their assignment – peeling potatoes and putting them in the pot. They are not to do anything else. WE also find out that they don’t know Jerrilyn’s last name, but Jerrilyn knows their names, and that Riley loves fish stick Fridays, and Jerrilyn always gives Maya extra food to take home. Oh, snap.

She leaves, and Riley starts dutifully peeling potatoes. Maya decides to add spices into the pot, even though they aren’t supposed to do so. Riley then knocks over some potato sacks by accident. *sad trombone noise*

112_0007_Layer 8

Meanwhile, with the boys – Lucas mentions that he’s never thought of the hallway being anything other than clean, and he wonders how one school can be full of so much vomit. He has a point. It’s not very usual for a middle school to be full of vomit. Elementary school, yes. (Because younger kids aren’t quite as good as figuring out if they’re feeling ill or not, and they seem to get sick more often. I know the only time I ever threw up in school was in kindergarten, myself. I had carrots and Cheetos for lunch. So the vomit was orange. Which, according to my mom, was of huge concern to me. Not that I barfed, but that it was orange. TMI? Yes.)

Some kid offscreen vomits, and Harley can tell who it is just from the sound. He also knows the vomiting kid has a speech in English today, and he sounds unprepared. Then some other kid walks by and tries to put his trash in the garbage can, but it falls out and he just keeps walking. Farkle asks if that happens a lot. Harley confirms it does, but says he doesn’t mind. It’s his job. To be fair to that kid, that was one of those stupid trashcans where the lid swings in and out. He probably didn’t do it on purpose, and it’s not his fault he didn’t notice something behind him.

112_0008_Layer 9

Riley and Maya are taking a snooze on the couch. Topanga comes in and asks them to help with the groceries. They can’t, though, because they’re exhausted because they worked a whole 45 minutes. Topanga’s not pleased with this, and also because Riley still hasn’t cleared the table that Topanga told her to clear off that morning. But they worked a whole 45 minutes! Riley’s upset that Topanga’s not being sympathetic. Haha. Oh boy.

Topanga asks the girls nicely if they’ll help with the groceries, because other people had a hard day too. Riley tells her yes, Lucas and Farkle had to clean the school. Horrible. Topanga just grits her teeth and says all right, she’ll just take care of the groceries herself. Topanga’s too nice. She should’ve told Riley that she had to help with the groceries if she was planning on actually eating at home ever again.

Riley has an epiphany about Cory’s lesson The Forgotten from earlier – she and Maya are The Forgotten! Of course! Then they go back to sleep.

112_0009_Layer 10

Jerrilyn announces that the potatoes from yesterday are today’s lunch. Maya asks when they’ll get paid. Riley nervously says that the smiling faces of hungry students are payment enough.

Jerrilyn tells them today is the hard part. They have to scoop out lunch to the kids, and the really hard part is when the dishes come back, they have to quickly take them off the conveyor belt, scrape the food off, and wash the dishes, and then put them on another conveyor belt. I’m afraid I hear an I Love Lucy-esque scene coming up.

112_0010_Layer 11

Well color me shocked, we cut right from the wall of dishes to after they’ve cleaned the dishes. Jerrilyn says they’ve done a good job, and tells them to go the locker room and take a shower and freshen up. Riley doesn’t want anyone to see them like this, all covered in food, so she and Maya hop on the conveyor belt to the dish washing area, which means there’s a sink for washing dishes AND a dish washer.

112_0011_Layer 12

Farkle, Lucas, and Harley arrive. They did such a good job cleaning the school yesterday, that today was really easy. But Harley senses “a storm brewing”, and someone off-camera starts puking. More people start puking as well, I guess, and Harley freaks out and lowers the screen thing to close off the kitchen from the vomitous mess that’s being created in the empty cafeteria.

Jerrilyn tastes the mashed potatoes, for some reason, and yells at the girls. All they had to do was peel the potatoes and put them in a pot!

Later at home, Riley and Maya say Jerrilyn is really good at her job. And they aren’t good at her job. That’s the scene.

112_0012_Layer 13

Riley and Maya give a report on their lunchroom job. It’s your guess if this is supposed to be Saturday or Monday, since the first part of the episode was Thursday and the second part was the next day.

The four characters with names have come to respect their school staff people and the work they do. And hope everyone else will, too. Cory says that people who do things for you and pour their heart and souls into their work should be valued and embraced, and you should look them in the eye and say “thank you.” So they look Harley and Jerrilyn in the eye and say thank you.

At home, Riley has somehow realized that Topanga does a lot of work, and she thanks Topanga for all she does. Yay!

During the credits, Riley and Maya ask how Jerrilyn is doing while they’re in line; a kid throw his banana peel at the garbage and misses, so Lucas tells him to try again; Cory says that society’s greatest Forgotten asset is the teacher, only to find that all the kids have vacated the lunchroom. Harley calls him Baboon like in the old days and tells him to leave so he can clean the cafeteria.

I give this episode a Not Bad out of 10. For once the lesson of the episode actually had something to do with the history class lesson, but in this case it was more of an added bonus – I mean, Cory seemed to be trying to teach this lesson independently of the history class, it just happened that the two lessons were similar. And it was a good lesson on its own – lots of people get completely ignored by others because their jobs are dirty, or “beneath others”, or whatever, even though the jobs take a lot of effort, sometimes expertise. And of course, the people doing those jobs are also human, so they don’t deserve to be ignored or treated rudely regardless of what the job is. It’s really easy to overlook how important someone actually is in your life, to take them for granted. So… don’t.

News: Girl Meets World Season 1 is coming to Netflix (at least, in the U.S.) on August 23! Cool beans, I know I won’t be done with the season by then, so we can finally have some screencaps that don’t say “Premium” or “Vodlocker” on them.

More importantly they’re also adding Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein and a collection of Reading Rainbow episodes on August 1. BUTTERFLY IN THE SKY, I CAN GO TWICE AS HIGH~

Some podcast interview with Michale Jacobs revealed some upcoming tidbits for a season 2 episode that’s set in the future, among which are “There will be some fascinating stuff coming up for Ava/Auggie” and “He described Riley as Eric and Ava/Auggie as the Cory/Topanga of the show”

Excuse me while I play sad trombone music and vomit orange all over the cafeteria floor. I mean Michelle Tanner would be embarrassed at what an annoying, entitled little thing Ava is, and Auggie just… ugh. Also somebody somewhere pointed out that at this point the actors who play Auggie and Ava are like 4 years older than their characters, and as someone pointed out in another review, their characters act younger than they are, so I’m sure that won’t help make them less annoying.



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