DWTS; s.21, week 1 – Gary Busey Surprisingly Decent

Well, despite the caliber of celebrities this season being… not great, the episode itself was pretty good. Lots of 7s and 8s in the scores, despite it being week 1.

Kim, the Real Housewife, was undoubtedly the worst performer of the night. She basically just stood there as her partner kind of danced around her – and he didn’t even dance that much. It was like he didn’t think they’d make it far anyway so he put together a really boring, easy routine to take the stress off. I’m fairly confident she’ll be the first elimination of the season.

My Bottom 2 predictions, Paula Deen and Gary Busey… Well, they both did pretty okay, considering their age, actually. Paula made a joke about how she hoped she hadn’t pooped herself that the audience either didn’t like or just didn’t know what to make of; the audience just went dead silent, is what I’m saying. So I’m sure that won’t help her much.

Gary Busey was… Gary Busey. But he did his routine pretty well and was clearly having fun with it. It might just turn out that his crazy ramblings will endear him to the audience and he might just make it farther in the competition than anyone predicted.

Chaka Khan, on the other hand, was surprisingly bad. She just wasn’t very rhythmic. Honestly she danced more the way I would’ve expected Gary Busey to dance. I think she might last a while in the show just by virtue of being Chaka Khan, but unless she gets better on the other dances, she won’t make it as long as Patti Labelle did last season.

Nick Carter, Bindi Irwin, and Alexa and Carlos Penavega did very well, just as expected. Totally unexpected was that Alek guy, one of the guys who thwarted that terrorism attempt a month ago, was a FABULOUS dancer. He said he has no dancing background, so I think maybe his military training and athleticism is helping out tremendously here. But he was just great, really.

Andy Grammer and the internet guy I didn’t expect much either way from them – I actually do not appear to have even mentioned them in my pre-season predictions – and… yeah. They did all right for first dance of the season. Only, that internet guy (Hayes?) was kind of unlikeable. He kept talking about how he hoped he could meet some ladies on DWTS (he said that at least three times, seriously), and he told his partner she had a big butt. It was in a complementary tone, but she’s also 26 while he’s 15, so…  He’s got enough internet fans I’m sure he’ll last a couple weeks, but unless he turns out to be a dancing prodigy and loses the attitude, he won’t make top 5.

Oh I totally forgot the jockey guy, too. I also had no expectations for him either way. He’s got a lot of energy and a fun spirit which should keep him in for a bit, but he can’t follow the dance routines all that well so he might be fourth eliminated.

So as it stands now, my predictions:

First two eliminated (since they’re eliminated two people next week): Kim and Paula.

Top 5: Bindi, Nick, Alek, Carlos, and Andy in a surprise elimination over Alexa (who will be 6th, obviously, in this case).


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