Well hello, people of the internet!

I get curious about where some of you readers come from sometimes, so I was looking through the “link referrals” thing, which tells me where some of you came from. And wow! Buzzfeed! I feel so famous for no good reason.

Check it out, they used one of my screenshots for this quiz.

10_0005_Layer 6They actually even linked back to this blog! Yay! 😀


And somebody pinned one of my other recaps! I didn’t know you could pin any of these recaps. Should I be ashamed of myself? (Yes!)


Smosh used a really early screencap for their article on coolest fictional character bedrooms


There’s also some StumbleUpon link in the referrals that doesn’t go anywhere and has “addicting salad” in the url so I don’t know what that’s about.


Someone on the Glee subreddit also used one of my posts to explain one of the weird Sectional rules. Too bad I only just now found out about it, I could’ve reaped some sweet karma by saying that was my blog they linked to.


Well, that’s it. I guess it was bound to happen eventually that people would start using some of the INCREDIBLY NUMEROUS screenshots I have on this blog.


Someday I’ll actually start writing recaps again!


And if you’re visiting me from Buzzfeed, Smosh, Reddit, or some other website, welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here, however brief it may be.


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