Lucy Speaks!

Imagine my surprise at seeing the face of Lucy from Degrassi: TNG in my Firefox window! She’s contributed an article to a Canadian publication, a memoir about her parents, grandparents, struggling with poverty, finding common ground, joining Degrassi, and what she’s up to now. It’s a really nice read, no longer than some of the… Read More Lucy Speaks!

A book?

First up, I changed the blog’s theme. I hope this new one is less terrible. Always looking for future potential money makers, I was contemplating today, as my post count increases and I randomly get 600 page views from people searching for Arlene Grayson, why not a book? I mean, many posts ago on,… Read More A book?

Winners 2014

So how’d my random Oscar picks shape up this year? My favorite part of this is how the names of the categories on the Academy website for the nominations don’t match the names of the categories when the winners are announced, so there’s a lot of “Well, this is sort-of similar-sounding, I guess…”   Best… Read More Winners 2014


WordPress has a really good Spam filter that has already taken care of over 190 spam comments. But there are some it’s not sure is spam or not. And I don’t blame it. Some of the comments it put in my Spam folder without just deleting (it deletes most of the spam messages without letting… Read More Spamspamspam.